Author: Dave Maxwell

Ranch transforms teens and helps restore families

KW Legacy Ranch in Hiko is a place for troubled youth and a drug rehab treatment facility which promotes itself as being a family focused adolescent program that utilizes a real working cattle ranch as the therapeutic approach to changing lives and playing a small part in helping transform the family’s legacy. Teens from ages 12 -18 come to Legacy Ranch, as co-founder/executive director Luke Hatch says, “not at the order of the court, but referrals given by outside professional family therapists working with either the family groups or individuals. Many are advised that the child may need more...

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Goicoechea calls public lands bill 408 flawed

Nevada State legislative Government Affairs Committee chair Sen. Pete Goicoechea, R-Eureka, says he thinks the proposed public lands takeover measure, Assembly bill 408, will not go anywhere in this session of the legislature. He made the comments in his weekly conference call with constituents last week along with Sen. James Oscarson and Assemblyman John Ellison. AB 408 has been championed by Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters. Called the Nevadans Resources Rights bill by Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michelle Fiore, who introduced it, the Legislative Counsel Bureau said it was unconstitutional, and Goicoechea commented he thought it was a poorly written bill in the first place. Ellison said it was a bill that could have created a lot of problems for ranchers around the state, and he thought some amendments might be made, but they would have to be done by April 10 which Sen. Oscarson said is the last day any bills can be heard in the legislature unless they are exempted to a fiscal committee. “The problem for ranchers, Ellison explained, “was the bill was written that if you had a fire, drought, flood, anything, and you were taken off the range for four years, after the four years, the bill would allow the land to come up for public auction. First of all, it is unconstitutional, and second, you could not do that because the Forest...

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Public lands, tax bills hot topics at legislature

Nevada State Senator Pete Goicoechea spoke briefly about some of the items discussed in his weekly conference call with Assemblymen James Oscarson and John Ellison. “We talked some about the new tax bill, the business license fee. That was a big topic as well as the public lands bill. There seems to likely be some movement fairly quickly in Washington on that,” he said. Other bills they are dealing with include a few gun bills, including prohibiting domestic violence abusers from possessing guns and making it a bit easier for out of state gun owners to carry a concealed gun in Nevada. Another bill, Senate Bill 175, would consider it justifiable homicide if a person was defending their vehicle or motor home by a person who intends to enter to assault someone. Deadly force is justified in Nevada if a person believes that his or her life or safety, or the life or safety of another, is in jeopardy. Earlier this session Assembly Bill 167, which would allow state residents with concealed-weapons permits, and law enforcement officers to carry loaded weapons on their person in a home or car and still be eligible to be foster parents, won approval in the Assembly. The business license fee is the Governor’s new bill, which Goicoechea says will effective create “a Nevada IRS, and you would pay a fee portionate to your...

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