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On June 9, the Eureka County Board of Commissioners heard from the Medical Clinic Advisory Committee (MCAC) concerning requests for proposals for medical/clinical services in Eureka County. Two proposals were received from William Bee Ririe Clinic and Renown. In looking at the pro’s and con’s, Garney Damele for the MCAC noted William Bee Ririe’s close… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News – March 30, 2017

BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS In considering Fiscal Year 2017-18 revenue projections, the County received finals from the State and Kim Todd said, “It looks like they’re keeping it right about where it was; it did go up a little bit; you’ll see on the first page the secured and unsecured is at $788 and the net proceeds… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News – March 23, 2017

ROAD DEPARTMENT Raymond Hodson reported the Road Department “for the first part of the month we had some snow removal and then after that it warmed up; and we spent quite a bit of time on culverts and straightening and making sure they were flowing; and we’ve replaced four culverts at the JD Buckhorn ‘Y’”… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

COMMISSIONER REPORTS Commissioner Sharkozy participated in a Nevada Works meeting in Reno on Feb. 10, and on the 13th, the Search & Rescue meeting in Crescent Valley; and on the 14th, the Fire Department meeting in Crescent Valley. Chairman Goicoechea met with Forest Service representatives on Feb. 17 regarding implementation of their Record of Decision… [More…]

county commission news

Feb. 6, 2017 meeting COMMISSIONER UPDATE REPORTS Commissioner Sharkozy attended the Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority meeting by phone. Chairman Goicoechea on Jan. 20 attended the Sage Brush Ecosystem Council where they “did not get important things approved” but at the March 3 meeting they’ll “make another swing at those for the Conservation Credit System”… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

PUBLIC WORKS Ron Damele, Public Works Director, reported the Planning Commission approved the parcel map for the Catholic Cemetary. The final map is being prepared and he hopes it can get signed which will require a public hearing because the cemetery is being granted 2 plus acres. Damele reported utility systems are working well and… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

LOOKING FOR ANOTHER HEALTH CARE PROVIDER With Agenda items in place for the Commissioners to address review of information from Nevada Health Centers in relation to two mid-level providers at the Eureka Medical Clinic and one mid-level provider for the Crescent Valley Clinic for the specified days of operation and an agenda item to consider… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

• Scott Raine of Raine’s Market appeared before the commissioners to provide a document from the engineer stating that the water retention system for the property acquired from the county for the new market was correct as well as a document from an architect who provided a certificate. • Cindy Beutel shared the news that… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

COMMISSIONER REPORTS Commissioner Sharkozy attended a Crescent Valley Volunteer Fireman’s meeting on Nov. 22. Chairman Goicoechea met Nov. 28 with POOLPAC in Reno to discuss their contract and plans moving forward. Proposals to change their contract will be brought forward through the budget cycle. They discussed marijuana and concerns for Eureka County as an employer… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

Commission updates Commissioner Etchegaray and Jake Tibbitts travelled to Fallon on Nov. 9 for a cattlemen permittee meeting on the Navy’s Air base proposed expansion. Etchegaray attended a Nov. 8 Firemen’s meeting in Crescent Valley; a Search and Rescue Meeting on the 15th as well as the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Senior Center and the… [More…]