Is This You? A Comforting Second

For the past few weeks whenever I slice an onion I can taste the onion rings my mom made. Man they were good. Not big ole heavily coated things. Not spicy or in need of Ranch Dressing. Not even a big pile of them. They were just onions and flour and salt, fried crisp and… [More…]

Is This You? Summer Shoes

What goes thump, thump, thump squish-thump, thump, thump squish? Nah, not going to tell you just yet. Rather let’s delve into the world of foot coverings we wear during the all too swiftly flowing summer months. Like flip flops. I was shopping for summer supplies I needed to make the first of many summer macaroni… [More…]

Is This You? Glue

I break stuff. Some things are beyond repair. Like a drinking glass that slips out my hand, lands on the edge of the kitchen counter then makes a break for it to get to the floor and scatter shards of shrapnel from the kitchen sink all the way across to the refrigerator leaving a minefield… [More…]

Is this You? Holding Back

Actions speaking louder than words are usually seen as actions that should not have been taken. While I am pretty sure there are actions I have taken in my life that I should not have taken I am more thankful of the actions that I really wanted to take but didn’t. Believe it or not… [More…]

Friendly Fact Finding

Friendly Fact Finding Is there a real line that needs to stay wide, bold and un-crossable when you meet a new friend? I’m not talking about just manners. Manners should be upheld no matter where you are in a relationship. Manners like not picking at anything that might be bothering you because it is protruding… [More…]

Is This You? A Yawn Starter

A yawn, I have learned from a neurologist, starts in the brain. Something somewhere in there is triggered and through a pathway unknown to this plain regular human, it makes you urgently suck in air. You make that yawn aarrgh sound, sometimes closing your eyes and your head may sway like a palm tree in… [More…]

Is This You? 52 Pick Up

It took years of listening to those close to me to learn the type of lettuce I bought was not the best. “No flavor,” Rots too fast,” and just plain “Yuck,” I was lovingly told. It was suggested I buy one of those packs of hearts of romaine lettuce to see the difference. It tastes… [More…]

Is this You? Name That Thingy

When time is on your side some time is spent doing some of those things you think of doing but can’t do because you haven’t got the time do them. That is where my other half and I have recently found ourselves—with time on our hands. We are kind of retired but not really retired… [More…]

Is this You? See How Far

I can see for miles and miles and miles in my neck of the woods. Well I don’t really live in the woods. If I did I wouldn’t be able to see all those miles. On very clear days I can see three and sometimes four mountain ranges in the distance. It’s an amazing site.… [More…]

Is this You? Sidetracking

Think of what words go along with the word “side.” Side-saddle. I like to think that side-saddle was the way that ladies of old England rode when they mounted their steed to follow after the hounds to kill some poor fox (unless of course if the fox out foxed the hounds). Tally Ho! Side-out. A… [More…]