Author: Trina Machacek

Dog-eared Days of Summer

I like books. Not all books. For instance I don’t like books that weigh more than a small child. Why would I want to struggle to hold on to something heavy enough to break my nose if it fell onto my face while I was reading and...

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Is this You? The Art of the Deal

Starting off my name is not Art so let me call this, “The Trina of the Deal.” Deal made? Great now we shake hands and everyone walks away happy. To me that’s a deal, a good deal. That’s what I have spent the last few weeks...

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Is this You? When It Rains

I’m going to bet that when you read the title, “When It Rains,” you will think the next line is, “It Pours.” Thus concluding that today I am going to discuss the ins and outs of Murphy’s Law. But that isn’t the case. No I want...

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Is This You?

Beginnings Beginnings are very exciting. Unless of course it is the beginning of the end. But I have skipped to the end. Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Again, beginnings are very exciting. The beginning of life whenever...

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