Author: Trina Machacek

Is this you? Sounds that go click

Sounds That Go Click I feel that for the most part I am a usually calm, go with the flow, not much bothers me about the human race kind of gal.  But there is a common sound that was not part of my growing up which has invaded my life. This sound was not part of daily life until I was way past young enough to have developed a resistance to its incessant skin grating, nerve end burning, scratching sound that drives me nuts-o.  It is the obtrusive click, click, click of the computer mouse. That little plastic few...

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A conundrum is something that is puzzling or confusing.  Like which came first the chicken or the egg?  I have no idea, I’m just glad there was a rooster involved so that the circle of life is able to continue.  Without the rooster how could I make my deviled eggs to take to the church pot luck dinner where I found out that deviled eggs in church should be called angel eggs.  Ah another conundrum. Eggs are the perfect little food.  They come already wrapped in a package that they can be transported, stored or cooked in. As with many other things in life, in deciding on which egg to purchase; size matters. I was at the dairy section of the grocery store and as I was looking for the jumbo eggs, our egg size of choice, when I took a second look at the entire display of eggs. Ok who out there buys the small eggs? And for goodness sakes why?  I mean if you are going to risk high cholesterol at all why do it with those wimpy little baby eggs?  I picked up a carton of the little guys and opened it up.  You need to do this if you, like me, for years have just picked up the size you are use to buying.   Inside there are twelve of the cutest little white orbs.  It...

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No sweat!

I am the person that really enjoys summer. I am the person that tells you it is summer by the fact that I wear shorts at feeling the first sunny warmth of the season. I am the person that tells my friends who complain it is too hot, to remember the hot of the days of summer when is it February. But I am also the person that really hates to sweat. You get all sticky and odoriferous. Yes odoriferous. Sound it out, it is a real word. But mostly sweating just is uncomfortable. I cannot though, see all of us humans panting like dogs do when they are hot because dogs do not sweat. Just picture that. Instead of your body releasing liquid from its pours and cooling off with evaporation we just all walk around or sit around panting. Tongues hanging out, drool dripping from the end of those tongues and onto the sidewalk when we stop to talk to friends. That’s not an attractive sight, so we sweat instead. Now that you are in sweat mode here is where I want to take you next. Let’s say it is August, and outside it is hot as August will be. Activities in August include swimming, camping, lawn mowing, relaxing on vacation and every August there is a specific time honored activity that occurs if you have children,...

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