Vandals to Open the Season with String of Road Games

Football for the Eureka County High Vandals season opens on the road at Smith Valley Aug. 26, and four of the first five games are on the road. Coach Frank Minoletti had done a nice job with the team, taking a 0-9 record in 2011 and turning the corner to fashion a 22-26 mark since… [More…]

Raine’s Market Celebrates First Year in New Location

According to owner/manager Scott Raine, their new store in Eureka is a “revolution in retail.” The 35,000 square foot store celebrates its one-year anniversary Aug. 15. Scott said after 43 years in the same location, on Aug. 15 last year, Raine’s Market moved into a new facility on 7.68 acres at 901 North Main Street.… [More…]

Eureka County history: The little railroads

Historians note that except for a few Spanish explorers in the 1540s into parts of Southern Nevada, and some sporadic visits by trappers of the Hudson Bay Company between 1800-1820, it may be said that white men never saw most of what today comprises the state of Nevada until 1826. Then, for the next two… [More…]

Annual county fair set for next week

Everyone should to the County Fair, even if you have been before. The Eureka County Fair is Aug. 10-13 at the fairgrounds. And there are more reasons for you to go this year than there are to stay home. The Exhibit Hall opens for entries from 1 to 7 p.m. Aug. 8 and again from… [More…]

Johntown, the first ghost town in Nevada

Most Nevadans know where the principal towns and cities of the Comstock are located. We locals and most tourists know about Virginia City, Gold Hill and Silver City. What many people do not know is that the Comstock mining district included many other nearby towns that contributed greatly to the history of the fabulous Comstock… [More…]

Officials break ground on new State Veterans Home

“This is a day that I’ve been looking forward to for many, many years,” Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stated at the July 17 groundbreaking ceremony of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home. More than 450 excited people gathered in a tent to laugh, honor, and celebrate the start of construction of the highly anticipated 102,000… [More…]

The deal that never should have been

In all the second-guessing and navel gazing over the Faraday Future flop, no one is bringing up the real reason that the deal should never have been made in the first place. Yes, it was an ill-conceived idea for gullible Nevada lawmakers in a special session in 2015 on blind faith alone to agree to… [More…]

Portable Masterpieces theater show coming to opera house Aug. 5

Before the Internet, before television, there was radio, and before radio was Vaudeville. The small orchestras of the radio shows and the vaudeville stage often performed varied repertoires from short snappy commercials to full-length works by major composers arranged for their size. Trinkle Brass Works presents Portable Masterpieces, a salon/theater orchestra that will bring this… [More…]

Trial and error in Eureka

Most of the west was not affected by the Civil War that raged back east, thus prospectors and miners from many other places were moving a bit eastward following the discovery of silver-lead ores in the Prospect Mountain area around Eureka in 1864. In addition, some miners came up from Austin. The Union forces need… [More…]

Mammovan to make stops in Ely and Duckwater this month

The goal of Nevada Health Centers’ Mammovan is to make mammography services accessible and convenient for women by visiting locations across Nevada. These screenings are primarily for women age 40 and older; however, screenings will be provided to those younger than 40 that have a physician referral. The Mammovan will be stopping in Ely and… [More…]