Eureka County Commission News – April 20, 2017

By Lisa J. Wolf Eureka Sentinel Correspondent COMMISSIONER UPDATES Commissioner Sharkozy attended a Firewise meeting on March 26 in Reno; the Crescent Valley Fire Department meeting Tuesday the 28th; Wednesday the 29th the Medical Clinic Advisory Committee meeting in Eureka and a Cortez water hearing at the Opera House; a Newmont breakfast meeting April 5… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News – March 30, 2017

BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS In considering Fiscal Year 2017-18 revenue projections, the County received finals from the State and Kim Todd said, “It looks like they’re keeping it right about where it was; it did go up a little bit; you’ll see on the first page the secured and unsecured is at $788 and the net proceeds… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News – March 23, 2017

ROAD DEPARTMENT Raymond Hodson reported the Road Department “for the first part of the month we had some snow removal and then after that it warmed up; and we spent quite a bit of time on culverts and straightening and making sure they were flowing; and we’ve replaced four culverts at the JD Buckhorn ‘Y’”… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

COMMISSIONER REPORTS Commissioner Sharkozy participated in a Nevada Works meeting in Reno on Feb. 10, and on the 13th, the Search & Rescue meeting in Crescent Valley; and on the 14th, the Fire Department meeting in Crescent Valley. Chairman Goicoechea met with Forest Service representatives on Feb. 17 regarding implementation of their Record of Decision… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

WORKING WITH NEVADA HEALTH SERVICES Garney Damele and Chairman Goicoechea met with Nevada Health Centers on Oct. 14 related to contract negotiations. NHC committed to showing what providing medical care for Eureka County is costing NHC and looking at ways to streamline without reducing services. “We are asking a lot” and “are at the top… [More…]

General Moly lays off Mount Hope general manager

Pat Rogers and Zach Spenser of General Moly came before the Eureka County Commission this week to give an update on the Mt. Hope project and the company. Rogers reported Mike Iannacchione, Vice President and General Manager of Mt. Hope, and Pat Malone, Chief Engineer, have been laid off as a function of the current… [More…]

Eureka County Commission News

  SCHWEBLE TO BE OVERSEEING COURT IN CRESCENT VALLEY As the Commission began its Public Hearing to invite public comments and take action on a proposed ordinance amending the 2014 Eureka County Code, Title 16, Eureka County Justice Courts to establish one unified Justice Court in Eureka County, a letter from Dawn Gann, sole sitting… [More…]

County commission news

NEW COUNTY COMMISSION BOARD The Eureka County Commission met Jan. 5 starting at 1 p.m. following a morning of new officials being sworn in to office. The new Eureka County Commission convened with J.J. Goicoechea, Mike Sharkozy and new Commissioner Fred Etchegaray. Goicoechea was again voted Chairman and Sharkozy was voted by the Commission as… [More…]

Quarterly Crescent Valley meeting held

The newly-seated Eureka County Commission held their Quarterly meeting in Crescent Valley on Jan. 15. Normally, the session is a joint meeting of the ECC and the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board. This past election, however, only Dawn Gann of Crescent Valley filed and was elected to the CVTAB. The other two seats remain unfilled.… [More…]

Eureka County Commission roundup: June 26, 2014

Sunsetting of CV Tab on hold until after elections In discussing the possible sunsetting of the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board, Chairman J.J. Goicoechea commented, “I think it’s only fair that the incoming board, whether it’s right after that election or whatever, have the opportunity to look at this, because they’re the ones that will be… [More…]