Officials break ground on new State Veterans Home

“This is a day that I’ve been looking forward to for many, many years,” Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval stated at the July 17 groundbreaking ceremony of the Northern Nevada State Veterans Home. More than 450 excited people gathered in a tent to laugh, honor, and celebrate the start of construction of the highly anticipated 102,000… [More…]

Governor’s veto pen will save taxpayers money

Thank goodness for the veto pen. Gov. Brian Sandoval used that veto pen this past week to block an attempt by Democratic lawmakers to rollback a modest cost-saving measure passed by the Republican-controlled 2015 Legislature. Assembly Bill 154 would have raised the cost of construction of university and public school buildings by reimposing the so-called… [More…]

Will Collaboration On Sage Grouse Finally Happen?

Nevada has every reason to feel like a slighted wallflower. We keep getting invited to the big sage grouse dance, but never get asked to dance. Gov. Brian Sandoval and Attorney Adam Laxalt and others have complained bitterly that state and local input on how to protect the sage grouse population and still conduct economically… [More…]

Governor’s budget plan is long on spending, short on accountability

It is called bait and switch. Just over two months after the voters of Nevada rejected by a 79 percent majority a margin tax on gross receipts of businesses that its backers claimed would raise $800 million in tax revenue, this past week in his State of the State address Gov. Brian Sandoval announced plans… [More…]

Federal land agencies show little concern for Nevadans

The Sagebrush Ecosystem Council, appointed by Gov. Brian Sandoval to try to stop the greater sage grouse from being listed under the Endangered Species act, has accused the Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Forest Service of creating an action plan that contradicts federal law mandates to manage public lands for multiple use. The U.S.… [More…]

Letter to the Editor: August 1, 2013

Dear Editor, I attended a meeting of the Sagebrush Ecosystem Council July 30 (my third) in Carson City. Like a lot of things that go on in government, few readers will have heard of the council. It was set up late last year by Gov. Sandoval in an effort to forestall the feds’ putting the… [More…]