State makes progress in challenging sage grouse rules

Nevada won a temporary reprieve from the Interior Department’s plans to enforce sweeping restrictions on land use as a means of protecting greater sage grouse habitat, but failed to convince a federal judge to put those plans on hold entirely. In a recent opinion, Nevada federal Judge Miranda Du ruled Interior agencies erred in preparing… [More…]

Nevada wins sage grouse listing battle, but still faces land use restrictions

This past week Interior Secretary Sally Jewell declared that the greater sage grouse will not be listed under the Endangered Species Act, but instead created a federal land use plan so restrictive that the lack of listing became a distinction without a difference. “Our review of the best available scientific and commercial information indicates that… [More…]

Sage Grouse battle continues

By Dave Maxwell Lincoln County Record Eureka congressman, U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei, ended 2014 locked in rolling feud with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell over the sage grouse in the western U.S. The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported recently that “the Obama administration is stewing over a rider Amodei stuck onto the year-end government spending bill that… [More…]

The Mere Threat of Sage Grouse Being Listed as Threatened is Stifling Development

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell came to Nevada earlier this month and told a meeting of Western governors in Las Vegas that her department’s goal is to find ways to protect the greater sage grouse without resorting to listing the bird under the Endangered Species Act. “We want to create an environment where a listing is… [More…]

Euthanasia needs to be an option for wild horses

Our government masters too often seem downright schizophrenic. Take the raging debates over what to do about two species — sage grouse and wild horses. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is hell bent to list the chicken-sized bird under the Endangered Species Act because they fear the population could become extinct. Such a listing… [More…]

BLM seeking comments on Environmental Assessment

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Battle Mountain District is making available for public review an Environmental Assessment (EA) for 139 parcels of public land nominated for lease within the Battle Mountain District in the July 2014 Competitive Oil and Gas Lease Sale. These parcels have the potential for future oil and gas exploration and… [More…]

Heller opposes sage grouse listing

By Dave Maxwell Senator Dean Heller R-NV, spoke with reporters during a rural telephone conference call Feb. 4 focusing on the potential listing of the Sage Grouse under the Endangered Species Act and recent efforts to lessen the impact of such a listing. Heller, along with Senator Hary Reid, released a discussion draft of legislation… [More…]

Protecting sage grouse: science or advocacy

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are pliable. In April 2012 Gov. Brian Sandoval set up a sage grouse advisory committee. Governors before him had done likewise. This past session the Legislature passed Assembly Bill 461 setting up a program to protect sagebrush ecosystems in order to protect sage grouse habitat. These various committees have produced… [More…]