CARSON CITY – State Conservation Commission Vice-Chair, Vance Vesco, has retired after 12 years on the commission, and his contributions were recognized during the body’s June 27 meeting.

“It’s hard to walk away, but it’s time,” said Vesco. “We’ve gotten a lot accomplished and have kept the conservation districts funded and alive. Those guys, serving throughout the state, are the real unsung heroes.”

The State Conservation Commission is comprised of seven commissioners appointed by the Governor, as well as the Dean of the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources (CABNR) and the Director of the Department of Agriculture or their appointees. The Commission is charged with carrying out policies on renewable natural resource programs by guiding and regulating Nevada’s 28 conservation districts. Conservation districts work for the conservation and proper development of the state’s natural resources, including land, soil, water, vegetation, trees, natural landscape and open space by taking available technical, financial and educational resources and coordinating them to meet the needs of landowners and land users.

Also during the June 27 meeting, Commissioners approved a resolution in support of the 2013 Nevada Agriculture Analysis and Opportunities Report. The report shows Nevada’s agriculture industry sector as a major contributor to the overall economy of the state.

“Agriculture has been a stable economic sector in Nevada ever since statehood,” said Joe Sicking, Chairman of the State Conservation Commission. “It’s good to see this report recognizing agriculture’s contributions. Nevada exported more than $114 million in food and agriculture products in 2012.”

More information about the State Conservation Commission can be found at and additional information about the 2013 Nevada Agriculture Analysis and Opportunities Report can be found at Files/agrinvgov/Content/Home/Features/ 2013nvagreport.pdf.