Who of you our there has the ability to tell the weather with your bones? I know that modern science says your body

Trina Machacek

Who of you our there has the ability to tell the weather with your bones?  I know that modern science says your body cannot tell if the weather is going to change.  But I’m here to tell you modern science is most definitely wrong.

I know a lady, who about three days before it rains, can tell you it’s going to rain.  Not only that it is going to rain but sometimes how much depending on the severity of the attack of her weather predicting bones.   She starts getting a bit snippy, quite understandable, she then gets this scrunched up look on her face. This is cause for attention.  The headache starts first.  Then she tells me here bones are aching so I head for my umbrella.  For many years now I have used her as my weather station.  She hasn’t been wrong yet.

Where in the world did this start?  I know it was around when my grandfather was still with us.  He would tell of impending weather changes with his “lumbago.” Whatever lumbago is!  I just knew that he started to limp around and soon it was raining.

I haven’t noticed anyone who can predict snow in the future with their bones.  It is, as I think about it, always rain. Surely the atmospheric pressure changes when the snow comes just as it does with rain.  But nobody seems to want to predict snow. That too, is quite understandable.  Who, other than those crazy people who like to fall down mountainsides on a pair of sticks, aka skiers, would want to be snow predictors?  Let’s see which is more appealing. “Oh my bones are creaking; it must be going to snow a foot.” Or “Wow my bones are telling me it’s going to rain.” Let’s see, shoveling a foot of the white stuff, slipping and sliding around for days or weeks in its aftermath?  Or going out after a rain shower and inhaling that wet Nevada sage smell and enjoying the refreshed earth? Tick tock, tick tock. What to choose…  My hand is up as I vote for the rain.

That’s not to say rain is the best weather.  As with everything in life to much of a good thing is usually not a good thing.  Just ask someone who has sadly experienced a flood and its aftermath.  Or as I remember, back I in my youth, but of course over 21 years old, overindulging in Ripple wine.  Yes Ripple. Look it up in Wikipedia you young whipper snappers out there.

I’m willing to bet, (I can bet, because I live in Nevada, yahoo) that over half the people you talk to day will tell you they can tell if a storm is coming.  Just like if you spot a sun dog, which for you non farmers, is a colorful ring around the sun.  That means in five days there will be rain.  Or if you look up and the clouds are wispy and look like horses tails whipping in the wind, known as mares tail clouds, that also means in five days it will storm. Or my favorite, if your cat sleeps with its head on upside down the wind is going to blow the next day.

The only thing I can tell by my bones is that—the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone; the ankle bone’s connected to the shin bone…  Try; just try to get that song out of your head today. Good luck with that.

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka, Nevada her book ITY BITS is available on Kindle. Share your opinions and thoughts with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com