I try to keep my envy monster in check. But I’m here to tell you that I envy people who can wallpaper. I have never even attempted to wallpaper. We sometimes

Trina Machacek

I try to keep my envy monster in check.  But I’m here to tell you that I envy people who can wallpaper.  I have never even attempted to wallpaper. We sometimes stay at motels that have a wallpaper border around the room and I just can’t stop looking at it.  Have you ever looked through a wallpaper sample book?  Man, there are thousands of choices. I like the color hunter green so I have a tendency to gravitate towards anything greenish. The darker the green the better I like it.

So then why, I ask myself, did I bring home a quart of this really dark magenta red and start to paint a small accent wall in our living room with it?  I actually tried to sponge it on first.  Before I began I had my ever present husband promise he would just sit and not say anything until I covered a good sized portion of wall so that he could get the effect I was trying for. I opened the can and got the ladder ready and the sponge and the rags and the drop cloth and had on an old shirt and here is where I could have made a mistake.  I am sharing this little tidbit with you ladies out there to save you from the sigh and humph and other noises that will ensue if you don’t do this little trick first.  Feed him.  Yes ply his taste buds with a sandwich or a handful of cookies or anything to get the food endorphins up and running before you begin a new splash, (sorry of the pun) of color or a somewhat large change in appearance of your domicile.

Before I even got the first six inches of a spot this lovely shade of crimson, I was shot down like I was one of those first big flies that come out early in the spring.  You know the big B-52 type that lazily come out of nowhere and fly at half throttle through the house until it gets low enough that the cat swats it and eats it? Yep I was an easy target with my sponge and paint.  That’s when the discussion began.
“Don’t you think it is a bit loud?” he calmly asked while chewing the ham and cheese on rye. (Without that sandwich this conversation could have easily turned ugly.)

“Yes, yes it is.” I sweetly replied.  But I went on to say that I really, really felt the need for a splash of color.  A “va va va voom” spot! Alright maybe not sweetly, but I was calm.

Well that was met with a blank stare.

I went on to say just wait until I’m done.  You will like it.  Well I finished and he didn’t like it.  I have to admit I didn’t see it on the wall as well as I saw it in my head in the paint department.  But I have seen lots of ladies buying paint who knew just what they wanted.  I have seen people pick great color choices, great combinations and some really great ideas.  How come mine looked like my poor house was bleeding to death?

I brought along a second color. It was a calming antique white that I was going to sponge on in spots to accent that oh so gorgeous red.  I added that to my masterpiece.  It toned it down a touch, but the wall was still was screaming, “Help me, help me!”

It got late so I cleaned up and we left it for the night.  The next morning he, ever so calmly, during breakfast, (the feeding thing again) suggested a sage green addition to the sponge appearance.  I was actually enthralled that he hadn’t gotten up in the middle of the night and covered the whole thing with black, his favorite color. So that day I brought home a quart of simply sage and we added, well he sponged on this color, to the wall.  We stepped back.  We were quiet.  The “help me, help me” screams had subsided.  There was peace in the valley.  It actually looked, as it still does today, kind of pretty.  Don’t tell him but I think it was his color that saved the wall.

We are accustomed to seeing that small colorful wall in our living/dining area.  We, yes we, like it.  Okay I like it more. But when my brother and his wife saw it for the first time I could see on their faces that it was an acquired taste.  But that is just because she can wallpaper.  Which I still envy.

So as you can see, the painting part is easy.  It’s the choices that are made in the pre-painting process that can leave you out in space, lazily flying along, until a cat swats you out of the air and eats you!

Decorate like no one is watching my friends.

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka, Nevada her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your opinions and thoughts with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com