Barrick Gold Corporation’s Ruby Hill Mine updated the Eureka Board of Commissioner’s last week on the mine’s wall failure as they develop a restart plan expected the earliest in 2014.

No workers were injured when a part of the high wall on the southeast end of the pit failed on Nov. 2.

The economic plan will require additional permitting as it will be disturbing some additional public lands and they will be working through the BLM with assistance as needed from Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resource Director.

Six trucks, one loading unit, one drill and several pieces of support equipment are being relocated to Bald Mountain between now and the end of the first quarter of 2014 dependent on an authorization of expenditure. The general manager at Bald Mountain, Tracy Miller, is anxious to have the equipment. The shovel will stay as part of the restart plan.

Approximately 80 employees have been relocated, with 28 transferred to Bald Mountain, 28 to Cortez, 3 to Gold Strike and 22 taking the company’s severance package.

Employees going to Bald Mountain will be bussed at the El Dorado bus stop and employees going to Cortez will travel by van. Most of the process group will stay with the Ruby Hill Mine until closure with some administration employees staying as well.

Between 6 to 10 personnel have been offered other positions in the region while several salaried staff are choosing to take severance beyond the 80 employees. Barrick expects some 20 to 25 people to remain at the site.

A portion of the failing area is on public land and the modified plan of operations has to be completed before applying for modified permits.