I recently received two cards in the mail. I was just like a little kid. My heart sped up a little, a smile crept onto my rounded little face with anticipation

Trina Machacek

Send a Card/Get a Card

I recently received two cards in the mail.  I was just like a little kid.  My heart sped up a little, a smile crept onto my rounded little face with anticipation.  When was the last time I had received a card and it was not my birthday or any special occasion?  I could not remember.  The cards were an unexpected thrill that still has my attention and thankfulness. Does it matter to you who sent them to me? I doubt it.  Does it matter to you why they were sent?  Probably not. But you’re wondering aren’t you?  It is that human nosiness, yes we all have it whether you admit it out loud or not!  Would it matter to you if you had gotten a card out of the blue?  I’d bet my husband’s favorite orange shirt it would!

It is getting close to Christmas and Christmas card time.  That is, a time to touch base with your close and far friends and family.  While I appreciate each Christmas card we get, I truly look forward to reading the hand written notes inside.  It is a busy, busy time of the year, I get that.  But really if you are going to take the time to buy cards, bring them home, gather addresses, find a pen that actually works, sit at a table or desk, fill out, seal and stamp each card, why not take just a few extra moments and write a line or two to the recipient of your season’s greetings and life events?

We get a few cards with the family letter. You know, “Janie fell down and broke her crown and Jimmy came tumbling after…” I’m okay with that. I like to hear about Janie and Jimmy, but add a short personal note.  Let me know that you know I’m still here. Make me feel special.  Is that a bit too self-absorbed?  Maybe. But honestly do you yourself really like to open a card that just has a name hurriedly written inside, or one that at least has a; “Man it’s cold here.  Wish you were here, oh by the way we going to the Bahamas for Christmas this year” scrawled at the bottom. With a big ole smiley face added for emphasis? I like the latter more than the former.

Oh and the choices of cards.  What great visuals of the season.  Religious, which is the reason for the season, and the colorful, homey pictures.  The baby animals and of course Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  Whichever card you chose will tell your chosen recipients all about your Christmas spirit. Let alone decorate their house somewhere.  I remember when I was younger putting up cards on string as they arrived. I have seen them displayed on walls, mirrors, doors, kitchen cabinets.  They are an expression of each sender’s good cheer.

I may be stepping over some line here. Cards from those with just a name inside are appreciated, don’t get me wrong.  I just want to know how you are and that we are still known to each other.  E-mail aside, a hand written scratch is a memorable thing, a hold in your hand something that you also held in your hand.  There is a connection there that over the miles a card might travel that cannot be passed between friends and family via the World Wide Web, I don’t care how hard you try. I write a note, some short some a bit windy, you might have noticed I can be a bit longwinded.  (Keep your opinions coming to me, I need all the help I can get!) But a note is added to every card I send out. Sometimes I know I am not on someone’s Christmas card list until I sent them a card and then out of the blue I get a card back.  I know they have received my card and enjoyed the note because they in turn send me a card and write back making note of my note.  Well there is a circle of events to make note of huh?

I have a friend that enjoys getting Christmas cards but does not send out any.  She instead sends out Easter cards each spring.  I find myself looking forward to her note of good wishes and hopefulness. I wish I had thought of that.  But I do like a Christmas card and a note.  My list varies from year to year with the world moving faster and friends moving around just a fast.  I like to try to keep track but each year we seem to get a few cards back that could not find a home to go to.  Well my address is P.O. Box 239, Eureka, Nevada 89316.  If you drop me a card I’ll do the same.

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka, Nevada her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your thoughts and opinions with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com