Former Commissioner Mike Page addressed the Commission, “Mike Page, a citizen of Pioneer Pass and Eureka County. When we were campaigning a year or so ago, you sat right in this room and made a promise that you were going to take care of the roads out in Pioneer Pass. There were several members you made that comment. There were certain reasons I wouldn’t do it. One is I knew we were going to have budget tightening on it. The second I didn’t, I knew it was going to take this Board’s approval to get public works out on a private road out there, and the third thing I would not have done it because I felt it was a conflict of interest; but, since  you broached that subject, and you said you were going to take care of it; I just wanted to remind you that you promised to do that and I kind of wondered if there was a time frame when you were planning on doing it. “

Chairman Goicoechea responded, “You know, Mr. Page, I’m going to say right now, I don’t appreciate this one bit and that isas not what was said during that campaign. Stop here and if you would like to visit with me and individuals would, I’d be more than happy to refresh your memory on what was said there about bringing those roads up to code and then adopted by the County.”

Park Cleanup

Commissioner Goicoechea noted that he was a little disturbed when touring the Crescent Valley Town Park new bathroom and playground equipment that morning to find empty beer cans under the playground equipment. “Guys, you have half million dollar playground sitting down there. I beg you, please, have a little pride and police yourselves a little bit. That’s tough and I didn’t enjoy seeing that this morning. You’ve got kids down there playing, and that’s what it’s for. Not to sit on the swings and drink Keystone Lights, but it does look good, and I’m glad it’s done and it looks like it’s being used anyway.”


The Commission adopted a Resolution honoring Ken and Barbara Dugan of Crescent Valley for their many years of service to Eureka County. The Dugans were asked to come forward where they were thanked by Chairman Goicoechea. “Volunteers like you guys are the back-bone of our services in Eureka County. It means a lot to us to have you individuals provide so much and dedicate so much of your time free of charge and to the citizens of Eureka County.”

Chairman Goicoechea invited Tom Turk of NDF to speak. “On behalf of the Division of Forestry and as your Battalion Chief three times over for about a total of six years in my career, and of course, knowing you for years previous to that, I have all my notes from 1975 prior to the formation of the District that you had participated in, and also the fire service existed prior to 1977 when the District was formed. And on behalf of the Division of Forestry I’d like to present you with a Certificate recognizing 38 years of service to the community of Crescent Valley and Beowawe. It’s always comforting going to an emergency and listening and knowing you’re on the radio and I understand that you’re still going to be working with EMS  which is critical.” Barbara Dugan has recently recertified. Turk said he wanted to thank them for “making my life a lot easier during emergency responses.”

The entire room burst into applause for the Dugans.

Commissioner Ithurralde said, “Mr. Chairman, I’d like to say, you know my wife talked about Barbara Dugan because you guys were way back in the 75s and she still remembers you fondly and she still talks a lot about you.”

Barbara Dugan laughed and said, “I miss seeing Monique.”

Chairman Goicoechea thanked the Dugans and promised that at the next Quarterly meeting they would be presented with a Resolution from the County.

When Chairman Goicoechea joked to Natural Resources and Fire Wise Communities Manager, Jake Tibbitts, “And, Jake, just think they’ve been doing this longer than you’ve even been on the planet” those assembled laughed.

Barbara Dugan commented, “Thank you. It’s something to do I think because a lot of times people complain about being bored. Hey.”


Dawn Gann of the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board and the Commission discussed the formation of a working committee to work with Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board on the Crescent Valley Community Development implementation program.

Gann presented to the Commission the letter from the CVTAB to the general public and asked for the Commission’s opinion.

Gann asked if the committee has to follow open meeting law and Goicoechea said he didn’t believe so if it operates under the CVTAB which would bring findings back to the Commission. The committee can include interested people from Crescent Valley and from the Interstate south including Dunphy and Beowawe.

Gann said the CVTAB is following Rex Massey’s suggestions made in his County-commissioned report. Goicoechea said if you can find citizens who want to participate. It’s your deal but it won’t be a county advisory committee to avoid the ‘rigamarole’ of open meeting law.

Gann wanted to know if the Board can ask for help if they have questions and were encouraged to use all the County resources they can through the Town Advisory Board. “So we can funnel it down,” said Goicoechea.

Goicoechea encouraged the CVTAB to avail themselves of the help of County Extension Educator, Dr. Fred Steinmann, whose expertise is economic development.


The Commission agreed to send a letter to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection composed by Natural Resource Manager, Jake Tibbitts requesting a hearing regarding Barrick’s proposed Mercury Storage Facility to be built to the east of Crescent Valley.


Under-Sheriff Keith Logan gave the quarterly jail report to the Commissioners, noting the jail hosted 1.53 inmates per day, with an average of 20 inmates housed in the last quarter totaling 141 total inmate days which is a decrease from the previous quarter. Logan said, “We doubled last year’s population” due to long-term court cases that required housing as well as people picked up on warrants housed until trial. Logan said Eureka County has not been asked to house Elko county inmates again although Logan understands Elko may ask again.

Logan also included a report of activities in Crescent Valley and Eureka patrol including 7,575 total incidents year to date broken down by number of arrests. Logan statistically compared 2012 and 2013 to show the trend for activities in the county with the reports show a slight decrease in traffic accidents, narcotics up, same number of DUIs, with 3 traffic fatalities investigated by NHP. “All in all our roadways have been much better.” Logan also included date from 2010 and 2011.

Commissioner Ithurralde told Logan the VFW would like to know the number of LifeLine calls received through the Sheriff’s office and Logan said he will compile that information.

Logan also noted they do keep track of animal control calls made each month.

At the Jan. 21 Eureka county Commission meeting, the Commissioners approved:

• Expenditures of $693,992.61 including $332,961.70 for payroll and Yucca Mountain expenditures of $1,116.00

• A capital outlay purchase of thirteen computers;

• Appointing the County Recorder/Auditor to take the lead on formation of an internal Safety Team for Eureka County which will include representatives from Public Works, the Sheriff’s Office, and a County employee;

• A yearly funding renewal as outlined in the Lobbyist contract with Walker & Associates for $24,000;

• Accepting Ken Jones’ resignation from the Economic Development Program Board;

• A capital outlay purchase of vehicles including up-fitting costs (lighting, striping, equipment) at a cost not to exceed $116,000;

• Certification of expenditures of Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act Title III funds for calendar year 2013;

• Sending yearly coordination notice to federal land management agencies in accordance with County Code, Title 9, Chapter 40, Section .030 and Master Plan Element 6, Natural Resources and Federal and State Land-Use Element;

• Authorizing the Natural Resources Manager, as the Eureka County appointee to the Eureka Conservation District, to attend the National Association of Conservation Districts in Anaheim, California, February 1-5, 2014 with no costs to be incurred by Eureka County for travel, hotel, and per diem, as these will be covered by the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts;

• Joining appeal as a member of the Central Nevada Regional Water Authority on the Bureau of Land Management right-of-way grant to the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) for the purpose of construction and operation of the SNWA Groundwater Development Project.