By Dino Nappi

On Monday, January 27, the Nevada Department of Education (NDE) issued a press release showing the statewide cohort graduation rate for the class of 2013.  Statewide, the public high school graduation rate rose more than seven percentage points over the previous year – from 63.08 percent in 2012 to 70.65 percent in 2013.  Eureka County, along with Nye and Clark Counties, and the Nevada State Public Charter School Authority increased their graduation rates by nearly ten percentage points or more.  Eureka County was tops in the state with a ninety-five percent graduation rate, followed by Storey County (87.88%) and Douglas County (84.96%).

Eureka County High School Principal Ken Fujii said, “This learning community works very hard to ensure that our students are presented with all the opportunities available to lead them toward a high school diploma.” Further information can be found at