Eureka County Recorder/Auditor Mike Rebaleati announced at the County Commission meeting on Jan. 21 that after 32 years of service he will step down from that elected position and instead will be throwing his hat in the ring for a County Commission seat in the general election.

Rebaleati read the following statement into the record, “I want to take this moment to inform the citizens of Eureka County that I will not be running for the Eureka County Recorder/ Auditor position this year. I also want to thank the current Commissioners and the voters of Eureka County that gave me the opportunity to serve the public for 8 terms of office. By the end of this calendar year, I will have served for 32 years. These 32 years have gone by very fast but we have accomplished many projects and achieved many goals that will positively affect Eureka County for the next 50 years. I have given this change of life many years of thought. I sincerely encourage the current board of County Commissioners to pass the agenda item today that addresses one of my many County duties. In the next 11 months we need to make several decisions concerning the reassignment of duties that I either volunteer or get paid to do. The passage of the agenda item dealing with the separation of the elected Recorder position and the appointed County Auditor/Comptroller position is a vital step in the assurance of maintaining proper professional oversight of our financial operations.”

“I also want to take this moment to inform the citizens of Eureka County that I will be entering the race for County Commission this year. If elected, I believe I can help the County continue a conservative financial approach in providing the public the vital services to our citizens.”

Board Chairman J.J. Goicoechea thanked Rebaleati for his years of service and remarked he has been “exceptional at that job.”