Raine’s Market, Inc. owner, Scott Raine and his wife came before the the Eureka Board of Commissioners last week to request a purchase of APN 001-221-08, approximately 7.6 acres of County-owned property in the area of the Eureka Canyon subdivision for a new store.

Board chairman J.J. Goicoechea asked if any of the other vacant parcels out there would work and Raine said, “It’s really the only one that’s big enough.” Raine said, “Out of the three there, it’s the only one it would fit on.”

Goicoechea said, “There will be a need for access off the highway; and the other lot already has an access.”

Raine said, “This one has also access to it on one side; the backside.” He brought a couple of maps so everyone could be “on the same page.” Raine showed an outline of the proposed building and asphalt where access from the highway could be built. “The southern-most parcel is actually a big hole” requiring “major abatement.” Raine said even though it’s a five acre plot, “It’s minimal.” Raine has looked at all the parcels in town which “aren’t big enough to make a decent parking lot.”

Commissioner Paul Sharkozy asked whether the land would be used for a grocery store. Raine said, “A retail story, grocery store, a lot more variety. I don’t have room for the variety of items out there” at the current market location in Eureka. “There is a bigger piece of this property that’s not shown” with “room for expansions. Maybe that’s the office complex in 5 or 8 years.” Raine said, “Ideally you’d have a second access” and, once the land would be acquired, expects to work closely with an architect.

The County requires two appraisals, which will take 90 days, and then there is a 60 day period involved with moving forward with either auctioning the land or the option of entering into a development agreement. Moving forward with an auction, Raine pointed out, “Might work out great and it might be used for purposes not suitable for a residential area and it might stay vacant.”

Goicoechea agreed, “We don’t want a lot of speculation and locking things up” and “the last thing we want is for that to be tied up.”

District Attorney Ted Beutel detailed the property would have to be identified for economic development purposes. “While it may take 90 days to get the appraisals done you have to have work done on that agreement so you’re ready for that.”

Buetel told the Board they could say via Resolution, ‘This is what we envision to be there.”

Raine remarked that a 20th November 2012, resolution “with minor changes would be ideal. It’s already done.” Raine said, “It says all those things” relative to residential lots and Commissioner Ithurralde motioned to adopt a resolution related to the parcel of land for economic development purposes as outlined by NRS.

Beutel said, “You can simply state it’s for review and possible amendment” of a November 20th, 2012 resolution. However, Beutel said, “In my mind there is a big difference between the issues that come up with commercial use.”

The Commission approved putting the issue back on the March 20th agenda to review possible Resolution language and authorized Public Works to commence pursuing appraisals.

Raine said, “I’m looking at a time frame right now. It’s too late for this coming building season” but hopes the project could be completed by next summer.