Having considered the draft Eureka County SWOT Analysis from Mike Baughman, of Intertech Services Corporation, part of the CEDS (Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy) process, Chairman Goicoechea had concerns about the content drafted by Dr. Baughmann.

Goicoechea noted he had a conversation with Dr. Baughmann and related that there are “inconsistencies in here that we need to address,” noting, “That’s what he wants us to do; that’s why it is a draft. We, quite frankly, can’t allow it to go forward the way it is written.” Goicoechea said, “Any changes we want to see, we need to recommend those changes and let me remind everybody we are paying for this; this is Eureka County’s SWOT analysis, so we’re going to put our name on it and it’s going to be on the shelf for us and so because of that I want to make sure it is right.”

“For the next ten years,” said Commissioner Ithurralde.

“Or more,” said the Chairman. “We spent a lot. We need this to get federal grants. That’s really what we need it for.” Goicoechea said he would volunteer himself to work on the revision, which the Commission approved him doing to be returned to Mike Baughmann with help from Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resources; Ron Damele, Public Works, District Attorney, Ted Beutel, and County Assessor, Mike Mears. The changes will be addressed in the coming week.


Adell Panning, Crescent Valley Senior Director, reported the Center has “no problems of any kind” with “everything going great.” The CV Center served 782 meals in March, an average of 37 a day, while the Eureka Senior Center served 1050 meals for the month, an average of 50 meals a day. The two Centers deposited $2,101.24 for the month.

Panning reported she’s going to be out of the senior center off and on as rehearsals are starting for the Crescent Valley Follie involving 9 men and accommodating their day and night schedules. In addition, in May Panning will be sending in a written report as she’ll be taking a week’s vacation and going to Nashville for her 50th birthday.

Adell Panning and Geniffer Perry withdrew their resignations respectively as Director of and Social Activities Coordinator for the Crescent Valley Activities Program. Chairman Goicoechea noted the options and path forward for the Program will involve ongoing discussions with the Program and the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board. “I must say that I was very disappointed that there was only one person that filed for the CVTAB on that 3 member board,” the Chairman observed. “I had really hoped that that community would step up and represent themselves and do the right thing. I don’t feel as a board we should continue to appoint to those elected offices; and we will have those ongoing discussions as we go through the year and see where we end the calendar year; but I am pretty frustrated along those lines.”

Commissioner Sharkozy said, “I feel the same way. We should have representation from Crescent Valley and nobody wants it.”

The Chairman said, “I want to make sure this activities program goes forward for the kids up there for everything from their Easter Egg hunt, Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving. We’re getting a lot of events on the ground and it is helping so we will work together, Adell, and figure out the best path forward to make sure it continues to be a success.”

Chairman Goicoechea intends to review copies of the tapes and transcripts of past Crescent Valley Town meetings to “make sure what’s going on.”


Raymond Hodson reported the Road Crew finished up Fish Creek Road all the way down to the County line with that blade moving back to Diamond Valley. The Road Crews working at Mustang Road right now and bladed Halpin Road and are working First Street and Frontier. Equipment has been moved from 3 Bars back to Diamond Valley. A blade has been moved to Roberts Creek and a blade’s down on 101 towards the Fair Road. The Road Crew is taking advantage of the recent moisture and have mowed the JD Road and spent a couple of days burning tumbleweed. The Crew has been doing miscellaneous projects in Crescent Valley and are getting the spray truck ready to do road side spraying.

The North End crew has been on Grass Valley road and should have wrapped up on the 7th. In addition, they’ve bladed Maggie Creek, Palisade, and the Dry Hills roads.


Tom Young, County Engineer, reported that they will negotiate with Legacy Construction on the Robin Street Project, but if the Commissioners are uncomfortable with the project, “it’s early enough to go to bid” and there will be a public hearing on the 17th at the Opera House for public involvement with the project.

created to allow state funds to be used to perform necessary abatements. Little said the NDA will provide up to 80% of the initial costs so long as the County files a lien to recover those costs.


Commissioner Ithurralde brought forward the adoption of a resolution supporting display of the national motto, “In God We Trust,” in the Commissioners’ Chambers and/or other County offices. The Commissioner said the aim is to promote patriotism in every city, county chamber and state capital. Ithurralde said Eureka County will be one of the first counties to do this. ‘In God We Trust’ became the national motto of the United States on July 30, 1956 shortly after World War II and has been used on currency since 1864. The slogan is engraved above the entrance to the Senate chambers and above the speaker’s dais in the House of Representatives.  As the resolution states, “In war and peace these words have been a profound source of strength and peace.”


In discussing the Affidavit of Mailing Delinquent Tax Notices for real property parcels, as issued by the Clerk/Treasurer Bev Conley told the Commissioners that 212 1st year delinquent tax notices were mailed, with 15 returned as undeliverable; on March 18th, the 2nd year delinquent tax notices were sent by certified mail with 5 returned as undeliverable, 38 were received, and 17 are outstanding. Of the 3rd year delinquent tax notices sent out on March 18th, 30 were returned as undeliverable, 22 were refused for receipt, and there are 12 outstanding.” Conley said, “As of today 57 of the first year have paid, nine of the 2nd year paid and three 3rd year taxes were paid. Funds collected were $22,447 for prior years. Conley said that they are going to implement a regular schedule for April of every year for delinquent property auctions. Excess proceeds are required to be held for one year, which will be April 19th, 2015.

Commissioners approved:

• Payment of an expenditure of $1,260 home health waiving the 60-day deadline;

• $2,234,956.77 which includes $446,290.09 in payroll and a pass-through of $504,344.87 to the State of Nevada;

• To send an inquiry by letter to the IRS and PERS (Public Employees Retirement System) related to whether the proposed employee buy-out incentives with questions related to the  taxable impact on employees impacted by a proposed retirement buy-out asking for responses for the IRS and PERS requested by May 7th;

• Agreements for lease of office space in County buildings to local staff of the Nevada Highway Patrol and Nevada Department of Wildlife;

• Scheduling a special meeting on April 24th at 1  p.m. to consider the Guaranteed Maximum Price in the Construction Manager at Risk process related to the Robins Street Improvements & Utility Upgrades Project

• Changing the regularly scheduled May 20th meeting to May 19th in order to comply with the statutory date for setting the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 tax rates and approving the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Final Budget at 1 p.m.;

• Ratifying a grant application to the Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division for a Transportation Services Grant #07-000-10-BC-14 for $22,500.00;

• Accepting the resignation of Chester Hull from the Senior Center Advisory Board;

• Entering into a Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement and 2014 Annual Operating Plan with the BLM Districts as presented;

• A request from the High School Rodeo Club for use of the Eureka Fairgrounds for the annual High School Rodeo on Memorial Day Weekend; authorization to obtain commercial water from the County site in Diamond Valley; waiver of facility and commercial water fees; and donation of paper for preparation of program booklets and forms;

• Advertising for interested parties to serve on the Medical Clinic Advisory Committee due to reorganization of the Committee, which will take effect on July 1st;

• Sending a follow-up letter to the BLM regarding the County’s comments on the Greater Sage-Grouse DEIS to ensure the BLM meets the obligations of law, regulation, and MOU with Eureka County;

• A capital outlay purchase of a government surplus 2002 International 4×4 4800 Fire Engine, 148KFZ40840001A, VIN #1HTSEAAN42H407319 at a cost not to exceed $23,000.00;

• The realignment and corresponding land trade of a portion of Edwards Street, a public right-of-way, and APN 001-067-01 in the Town site of Eureka, and all matters properly relating thereto with all appropriate documentation to be generated, including but not limited to a Resolution, Abandonment Order, and Quit Claim Deeds;

• Adopting the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 Tentative Budget and signing the departmental top sheets for filing with the Nevada Department of Taxation;

• Renewing the lease with the Eureka Veterinary Clinic, LLC, and Darla Baumann for 3 years at $100 a month.