Walking out of a store one fine spring day with a light heart, spring in my step and some new do dah that I just purchased I was pooped on by a pigeon

Trina Machacek

Next in Line

Walking out of a store one fine spring day with a light heart, spring in my step and some new do dah that I just purchased I was pooped on by a pigeon. Three things have crossed my mind since that day, which by my accounting had been the third, yes third time in my life that a bird has had an uncontrollable urge to have a movement of that type just as it was crossing over my air space. I must have a mark on the top of my head that can only been see from a bird’s eye view.

The first of the three revelations I want to share is this: Just when you think things are going a bit too good, watch out.  I once drove home from work playing my radio loud and singing louder. You know, feeling just a bit too full of myself, good to the bone. Then I got home to find a dead cat on the road, and a sick husband. Ugh.  But looking on the bright side—it wasn’t ’the other way around!  Murphy was right. There is no way to dissuade poopie times from coming your way. But when the good times roll don’t flaunt them.  If you do, the fall from the high to the low will be more pronounced. 

Next be aware of your surroundings. I didn’t even notice as I entered that store that fateful poopie day that there were pigeons on the sign just above the door. Had I, I may have exited from the door with the elephant perched on the sign.  That of course would not have been the case since we all know an elephant doesn’t’ perch well.  You hopefully get the idea.  It really doesn’t matter how careful you are, but you should still be careful.

Last but most important, in life when you find you are the next in line hold your ground. There is a reason you were put in that spot in line. In that store that poopie day, I bought just one item.  Standing in line in front of me so pleasantly, there was a woman with a cart about half full of goodies. She looked at me and offered to let me slip in line in front of her.  How sweet.  I have done that.  I’m betting most of us have done that.  “I’m in no hurry and you only have but one or two things, please go ahead,” we say and smile at the stranger we are giving up our spot in line to.  Makes you feel like you are being a good bastion of the shopping experience, and you probably are.  But my friends let my experience give you reason to pause and think of this—Had I not taken the sweet, kind, thoughtful offer to step up in that line-that darn pigeon would have let go of its bomb just before I walked out of that door, not as I walked out.  So as impatient as you may get.  As in a hurry as you think you are. As attractive as it seems at the moment.  As adoring as it is to be offered. Do not give up your right to be “next in line.” This may save you from your next poopie experience. 

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your thoughts and opinions with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com.