The Eureka County Commissioners approved paying the postage for a community survey suggested by the Working Committee for the Crescent Valley Community Development Implementation Plan. 

Then, in discussing options regarding the future of the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board, Chairman J.J. Goicoechea noted only one person filed for a seat on the three-member elected board, Dawn Gann, and thanked Gann for filing. 

The commission had a history pulled together of the CVTAB and the Chairman said, “It’s concerning to me as we read through it: appointment, resignation, appointment, resignation. I think the three that we had recently were one of the only ones in recent history that were a fully elected board in the last six or seven years.” Goicoechea said, “I’m concerned, guys. No one stepped up. No one filed. I  don’t want to continue to appoint. This is me personally, not the Board. It’s your community and I’ve said that from the beginning. I want to hear from you guys, what you want, what direction you want to go.  As we appoint, appoint, and appoint, we tend to shape where this community is going rather than the community truly having representation, so I’m very discouraged.”

Commissioner Jim Ithurralde said, “Reading the transcripts, since 2006, they’ve been on-going.” Ithurralde said he is “in favor of dissolving the board” effective January 1st 2015, noting that the County Commission acts as the town board for Eureka and could likewise so act for Crescent Valley.

Commissioner Michael Sharkozy said he believes “we should have some kind of representation from Crescent Valley.” 

Ithurralde said, “This is an elected board. People in this community should step up and file for these positions.”

The chairman said, “We have some time. There’s no doubt about it. The three member board will run until Dec. 31. I look forward to hearing from you guys in the community, but I personally do not want to appoint two people to the board. I don’t think we should. I think someone should have filed.” Goicoechea said he is “leaning in the direction of Commissioner Ithurralde” and added, “don’t expect multiple appointments from me. I don’t want to go there. We’ve done it too much in the past.”

Commissioner Ithurralde noted that in 2009 36 people voted to dissolve the board. 

The Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board has jurisdiction over the one square mile town.

Goicoechea noted, “It’s too late to file now, so we’ll have to see where it shakes out.”

The survey being sent out by the Advisory Board will incorporate a question as to whether the public would support the “sunsetting” of the CVTAB on January 1 since only one person filed for office with three seats expiring Dec. 31.

The question of widening the area covered by the board to represent the people of Beowawe and on SR306 outside of the one-square mile town was brought up to afford increased motivated participation and Goicoechea commented that he was sympathetic to the idea, but said, “Then all of a sudden you have Diamond Valley, Pine Valley, very similar things” and noted “that’s why the commissioner is elected from three different districts.” 

Goicoechea said, “While we can look at that once we start expanding that, then all of a sudden you’re going to start expanding Eureka and all of a sudden Pine Valley will want to be incorporated over here.”

The issue was raised as to what structure most elicits volunteer enthusiasm and contribution from within the general public in the region would be most beneficial even if it meant expanding the board’s geographical authority to include those who don’t live in the one square mile but want a voice and might step forward to serve, were they eligible to do so. 

Goicoechea said he believed there are a lot of active involved people in the county “who want to be involved and don’t need a formal legislatively-created body to do that. Those that want to be involved they find a way to be involved and they find a way to better those communities.”

Asked by the Chairman whether there are ordinances that need to be taken into account concerning expanding, the District Attorney said enigmatically, “I should offer to the Board and the audience that we should never confuse democracy with government” and received laughter. ‘But putting that aside for a minute, certainly if you wish to expand the area that is defined as the unincorporated town of Crescent Valley, there is a process to do that. I urge you to seriously consider whether to do that at all, but—“

“That comes with a lot of other implications, so,” Goicoechea said.

Goicoechea said the CVTAB was originally set up for things such as water and hook-ups and what’s within the town “and I don’t want to stray away from that if we stay with the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board. That was its purpose. We will look at that. Everybody has a voice in this county. There’s no doubt about that. If you’re registered to vote you definitely voice your opinion and whether you are or not we want to hear from you here.” Goicoechea said the Crescent Valley community survey will be sent out with an appropriate question with counsel from the District Attorney.