There is not a house big enough to allow blissful existence when as a grown woman I would have had to move back into my parent’s home once I had tasted the

Trina Machacek

 There is not a house big enough to allow blissful existence when as a grown woman I would have had to move back into my parent’s home once I had tasted the fruit of freedom. Oh you can go for a visit, even an extended visit, maybe a week, would probably be doable, but to move in, lock, stock and barrel? No way.

Truly I think I would have been allowed back in, but I can still hear the line, “Once you move out we break your plate and saw your corner off the table!” Was it my imagination or did I actually see my dad’s hand saw moving closer and closer to my spot at the table as the days before my wedding day counted down!

During tough times there will always be families that extend a helping hand to each other, that’s what families do. There is the old story; it is the proverbial middle of the dark, rainy night there is a timid knock at the door. To his surprise as the father opens the door he sees his long lost daughter standing there, drenched to the bone looking forlorn and bedraggled, wanting, and needing a place to go.  Then to add to the scene she is carrying a basket from which a whimper escapes.  Yes she is not alone in her misery.  She also brings with her — a puppy!

Ah so now we finally get there.  Do you take your pets with you when you go to visit friends and family? What in the world are you thinking? Don’t do that and here is why.

We, me included, tend to think that our dogs are just small people in dog clothes, but they are dogs, (I have NEVER dressed my dogs in clothes, it is just a saying). I would not expect my friends or relatives I go visit to put up with my neurotic cats, even if I could get them into a cage to take them with me on vacation. After all, I think of a vacation as a get away from real life. So it has also occurred to me that my pets also encourage me to get away, go away, thinking, don’t let the door hit you in the rear end as it slams behind you!

Sure, sure things are all bouncy with tails and tongues flying relating “glad to see ya boss”, slurp, slurp. Or “Where ya been” purr, purr, but with cats there is also that aloofness when you come back.  Even if the time away has only been hours instead of days.  When that door shuts, and it is all quiet in the house, no TV, no monstrous running vacuum, the washing machine is not spinning causing the house to shake that is when the true party starts. I just know it.  I can see the cats, finally being able to run up and down the kitchen counters, sniffing at the stove elements without me hollering, “GET DOWN!” I know this because after a trip or two I have found what looked suspiciously like bits of kitty litter on the counter next to the sink.  Yes I also said “Yuck.”

As people with dogs that are left in the house during the day can attest to, the dogs find mischief to.  Shoes have the ability to call out to pups to come and get ‘em.  We once left our new little, 50 pound, Newfoundland puppy in the truck for five minutes while we ran in a store to buy him more food, when we got back he had decided that the new red lamb’s wool seat covers needed to be ripped to shreds.  We picked red shreds up for weeks. So don’t tell me that our pets don’t party when we somewhat more intelligent humans turn our backs on them.

We have been dog-less for about a year now. It has been too quiet and somewhat sad. So we are on the hunt for a new puppy. I know there will be a mountain of, “What were we thinking,” moments.  However, I can’t wait to smell that new puppy breath, get my face all slurped and show him/her off to visitors. But only at our house.  My vacation away from my pets, I now know, is their vacation away from me too.

 Trina Machacek lives in Eureka, Nevada.  Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your thoughts and opinions with her at