The best bite of an ice cream cone? The very last bite. Ice cream finds its way to the bottom of the cone squished into those little squares. Popping that last inch in crunching

Trina Machacek

The best bite of an ice cream cone? The very last bite.  Ice cream finds its way to the bottom of the cone squished into those little squares.  Popping that last inch in crunching away feeling cool ice cream mixed with the cone–Heavenly. When you swallow all that’s left is a smile.  Truly love at last bite. Then while licking sticky lips it hits you… Why didn’t you get the large cone? Seems we always want more, more, more.

That last bite is all too soon forgotten.  The satisfying last swallow never lasts long enough. What does last, other than the added baggage upon your hips, is the stickiness of the sugary treat?   With no water source to clean up with what is the next best thing? You could, as many a mother has done, spit on a corner of a napkin.  But trust me that is not a good idea.  Setting aside the icky spit part, if you have just eaten ice cream your spit is going to be just as sticky as your lips. It is a part of life; learning we will never have everything we want when and where we want it.  That’s the trail I’m on today.

I find the comforts of home, well, comforting.  I like my home but I also like to go camping. We ran the gamut from tents, to camper, to small trailer to now a motorhome.  But there is one fact of camping that has followed us and many other outdoor enthusiasts since that first office worker took that first weeks’ vacation to enjoy the wonderful outdoors.  That is to say, how to get all our toys to the campsite in one trip driving just one vehicle.

There are boats, four wheelers, bikes, surfboard and other toys we cannot envision ourselves taking vacations without. I’m thinking mountain men had it right.  If they couldn’t pack it on their back they went without.  Of course they were in the mountains for the sake of being in the mountains, not vacationing and relaxing. Relaxing? Hiking, biking, kayaking… Does anyone really ever vacation and do nothing?  Just sitting, seeing nature instead of trying to be one with it?  I think not. 

Trying for years to find the perfect vehicle to haul every toy we have on vacation with us has been futile.  We started with a pickup, sleeping bags, a grate to grill dinner over the fire and a cooler full of potatoes and steaks. Moving up to a motorhome pulling a vehicle carrying gobs of fishing equipment, folding boat atop the trailing vehicle, small boat motor attached to that hitch,(now that gets some strange looks) bikes racked on the back of our house on wheels. We have not figured out how to take all of that and two four wheelers camping in one gigantic move. Not for the lack of trying.  We are not alone in this merciless drive, bringing everything with us when we venture into the wilds.  Don’t you just marvel at some of the rigging you see dashing down the highways?

What happened to thejust throw in a few things and go, attitude? Taking days to get ready then get un-camped when you get home!  I’m tired just thinking about it. There is a lot of truth to the after vacation line, “Man, I had to come back to work to rest up after vacation.” Ya every boss wants to hear that!

Trina Machacek lives in Eureka. Her book ITY BITS can be found on Kindle.  Share your thoughts and opinions with her at