Sunsetting of CV Tab on hold until after elections

In discussing the possible sunsetting of the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board, Chairman J.J. Goicoechea commented, “I think it’s only fair that the incoming board, whether it’s right after that election or whatever, have the opportunity to look at this, because they’re the ones that will be making the decision and figuring out what’s going on.” Goicoechea said, “Everyone’s going to have the opportunity to voice again their concerns and opinions; but that’s the ideal thing I would see happen. After the November election, we’ll share this with the elected candidates and we’ll see where we wan to go. We don’t have to do anything obviously right now the board’s going to continue to function until the first of the year anyway and at that point there will either be appointments made or there won’t be.”

Commissioner Sharkozy agreed to “let it ride for a while.”

Goicoechea testifies on public lands in Elko

On Thursday June 12, Chairman J.J. Goicoechea went to Elko to testify before the Interim Committee on Public Lands of the Nevada Legislature with Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resource Manager, and testified regarding the proposed changes to the waters of the U.S. and requested the State move forward on taking quiet title to RS2477 roads.

EMS update

Eureka County EMS Coordinator, Mike Sullivan reported since last report 12 calls for service in Eureka and 3 in Crescent Valley making a total of 60 calls in Eureka and 30 in Crescent Valley, behind 17 and 5 for Eureka and Crescent Valley year-to-date with a total of 90 calls for service year to date.  

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

• The abstract of the vote and canvass of the returns of the 2014 Primary Election held June 10, 2014;

• Final budget augmentations and transfers for Fiscal Year 2013-2014, as published in the newspaper;

• Adopting a resolution outlining the final budget augmentations and transfers for Fiscal Year 2013-2014;

• Expenditures of $641,674.85 including payroll of $289,960.98; and Yucca Mountain expenditures of $145.60 

• A capital outlay expenditure to purchase four main network switches for the Eureka County network system at a cost not to exceed $40,000;

• Making appointments of County employees, Connie Damele and Maureen Torres, to the Medical Clinics Advisory Committee, effective July 1, 2014;

• Providing direction to staff regarding removing or terminating any non-essential contracts or elements thereof;

• A capital outlay purchase for an ice machine for the Fannie Komp Senior Center at a cost not to exceed $1,700;

• Appointment of Ethel Moss to the vacancy on the Senior Centers Advisory Board per recommendation of the Senior Center Board;

• Authorizing the Chairman to sign federal grant documents outside of the meeting, related to grant funding for Eureka Airport capital improvements, due to time restrictions associated with the grants;

• Appointing Dwight Tompkins as a member to the vacant alternate seat representing northern Eureka County on the ECEDP;

• Renewing membership to American Lands Council and Western Counties Alliance using funds budgeted in the current fiscal year.