As part of their longtime partnership with the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, Barrick Gold will be delivering tomorrow almost 6,300 pounds of beef to help meet the needs of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada and their partner organizations this holiday season.

The senior centers in Eureka and Crescent Valley are also beneficiaries of the donation.

“We are thrilled to receive this generous donation from Barrick Gold,” said Cherie Jamason, president and CEO of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. “Protein rich foods are vital for our clients who are struggling with hunger. They are expensive and more difficult for us to get so a donation of beef is really wonderful.”

While Barrick is best known as one of Nevada’s largest gold miners, the company also operates over 400,000 acres of ranchland in Northern Nevada. With 21 full time Barrick employees helping manage the 1,500 cattle, the ranchlands allow the company to demonstrate responsible practices with regard to water rights, crop and livestock production, habitat restoration and land reclamation.

“Barrick has had a strong commitment to the Food Bank of Nevada for a number of years,” Michael Brown Vice President of Corporate Affairs for Barrick said. This year, we found a new way to help Nevada Food banks with the direct delivery of high quality beef. We are very proud to partner with such a great organization to help those in need.”

The 6,300 pounds of beef to be delivered to the Food Bank of Northern Nevada on Tuesday is part of a larger donation that is helping feed those in need throughout Nevada. The meat was processed by Agri Beef, a USDA certified facility, and packaged as ground beef and roasts. The Food Bank of Northern Nevada services the rural counties that are also beneficiaries of this donation so they will be distributing the beef to those other rural counties. Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas received their donation last month