It’s time to dig out those ‘gnarly’ shoulder pads, ‘tubular’ leg warmers and ‘radical’ parachute pants…Roxbury Blues, the official Rock Band of Eureka County High School, will be performing an all 80’s concert! The students will perform their 80’s concert at the Eureka Opera House on Saturday, Jan. 24, at 7 p.m.

“My friend Stephen and I were really inspired by the band Kansas, and the song ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’… and, we wanted to play with a group of people that were our friends” said Matt Freeman, lead guitarist and founding member of the band.

Jiselle Dominguez, drummer and vocalist for the band, said “I really enjoy the fact that we all connect through each other; we can read each other musically. Coming to music class every day is fun.”

“This is a powerhouse band, and there is great energy on the stage” said Ralph Cuda, the band director at ECHS. “The students have been working hard, and have quite a variety of 80’s music for everyone: some country line dancing, rock ballads, pop, and just plain ol’ tear-it-up-rock-and-roll”. The show will feature music from Billy Ray Cyrus, Charlie Daniels, Survivor, The Police, Kiss, Van Halen and Eric Clapton, as well as many others.

Prizes will be awarded for the best dressed couple, so get into the spirit and join us for a fun, retro evening.

The band members are: Matt Freeman on lead guitar; Sean Snegriv on electric bass; Jiselle Dominguez on drums and vocals; Stephen Watts on violin, keyboards and vocals; Nicole Burton on violin, piano, keyboards and rhythm guitar; and Shania Jensen, Bridgette Bacon and Emily Schweble on vocals. Mike Mears will also sit in as a special guest vocalist and guitarist.