Dear Editor,

I am writing to you to correct a few inaccuracies in the cover page article from the Week of May 14, 2015 Eureka Sentinel regarding the Memorial Day Rodeo article.  I am sending this in as a courtesy as I was the previous Club Director (2008-2013) prior to Commissioner Goicoechea being very unsupportive of the club members and I who presented the attached letter to the then Commissioner Board during the October 2013 Commissioner Meeting (letter is Public Record).  As a result of the negative feedback received from Chairman Goicoechea, the rodeo was not moved as we had planned, a number of the Club members’ parents withdrew their kids from the Club and I resigned from being the Eureka HS Rodeo Club Director.

There have been many folks who have talked to me about it that have the situation completely wrong based upon the mis-information from the article. The following corrections need to be made in the next issue so readers have a clear understanding of what is going on and I would also like the letter that the Club presented to the Commissioner Board re-printed so that readers understand that the situation was previously addressed and a solution provided.

1) “..the Nevada State High School Rodeo Association plans two years from now to move the National Finals to the fourth of July weekend and the State Finals to Memorial Day weekend…”

Correction #1:  The Nevada State High School Rodeo Association (NSHSRA) has no control over the National Finals schedule.  The state associations are subject to schedules regulated by the National High School Rodeo Association, which includes the requirements to have all State’s National Qualifying contestant entries in to the National office on a set deadline: Jr High National entries are due the Friday following Memorial Day weekend, High School National entries are due July 1st.

Correction #2: The NSHSRA is constrained on scheduling the Nevada State High School Rodeo Finals due to Washoe and Clark County School Districts changing their graduation schedule to later in June.  High School graduations in Nevada this year begin May 29 and run every weekend through June 13, making it impossible to schedule the High School Rodeo Finals without conflicting with a school’s graduation ceremonies.  State Rodeo Finals cannot be moved later due to the National Finals deadline requirements, therefore the NSHSRA elected to move it up to Memorial Day and be finished before graduations start. Additionally, the NSHSRA is planning on combining both Jr. High and High School State Rodeo Finals together on Memorial Day weekend to save the cost of putting on an additional event and due to the State requirements of Club Directors being responsible for putting both sets of State Finals on.  This reduces travel, vacation time, and costs for contestants and Directors.  It is cost effective for the State Association, Club Directors and contestants. Logistically, it just makes good common sense to do so.

2) Quote from Goicoechea,  “..somebody needs to pick up the slack on this deal or we may not have a high school rodeo.”

Clarification: As you can see from the letter presented to the Commission in October 2013, the Eureka HS Rodeo Club had everything set up to change the schedule and move forward.  Goicoechea’s non-supportive demeanor and overall negative attitude and responses during that presentation has led to the current situation and condition of the Rodeo Club.

Part of the mission statement for the Eureka HS Rodeo Club is:

Article II, Section H: To assist and work in cooperation with the NSHSRA.

Section I: To host and produce one State Points Qualifying High School Rodeo annually on Memorial Day Weekend.

During the Oct. 8, 2013 Rodeo Club meeting the Club members voted to move the rodeo off of Memorial Day weekend to insure the ability to continue to host and produce a State Points Qualifying rodeo. Article X, Amendments allows for this:

Section A: The power to amend these by-laws shall be vested in the general membership. A 2/3 majority of the general membership is required to amend these by-laws.

Section B: These Club bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting and shall become effective immediately upon the voter approval of a 2/3 majority of the general membership.

The Club was doing its best to be supportive of the State Association and the kids that are actually competing in the rodeo.  The fact that Eureka benefits economically from the event is a huge plus.  The “Tradition” argument seems to have overshadowed the part about it being what is best for the state association and the kids. The situation could have easily been managed if the few individuals who were concerned about the “Memorial Day Tradition” had put emotions aside and looked at the big picture.


C. Dubray