Cindy Beutel related to the Commissioners, “Despite the weather the car show was awesome” with the winner of the 8th Annual ‘Show What Ya Brung’ Car Show, May 8-9, from Boise, Idaho. The event brought 84 cars to Eureka. “Very amazing,” said Beutel. She thanked Josh Garcia, Jake Simpson, Public Works and the Sheriff’s Department and all the helpers who ensured the event was set up in time and by 7 that night it “didn’t look like there was a car show in town.”

Commissioner Sharkozy thanked Beutel for the opportunity to participate and Beutel noted there were 3 or 4 couples who came from Crescent Valley.

Beutel said, “We’ve got a circus coming to town” June 4, 4:30 to 7:30 and “we don’t have to do anything except provide porta-potties and put bleachers out” and collect the trash. There will be elephant rides available.

Beutel noted that McCuin Mining has donated $5,000 to put on the upcoming Art and Artist in the Park, budgeted to cost $10,000; and in addition Beutel wrote a grant for $2,250 and will find out in May how much will be received and will at that point ask the Recreation Board for whatever else is needed to put on the event which will feature four local bands.

In addition, Beutel related that the County phone book “is out” with one sheet added “because we’re trying to get it correct.”


Commissioner Sharkozy related that on Tuesday, May 12, he attended the Crescent Valley Fire meeting; while on May 12 Commissioner Etchegaray travelled to Reno for a Biochar update and on the 13th attended the Diamond Natural Resources Protection and Conservation Association meeting. Chairman Goicoechea related that on May 7th he and Natural Resource Manager, Jake Tibbits, went to Carson City to testify on SB 5. That afternoon, SB456 was up for consideration thatnight, “our RS2477 bill in Senate Finance which I’m happy to say passed Senate” and went to the Assembly side. Goicoechea said the next morning the County Coordination bill was up and he and Tibbitts testified on that on the 8th.

Goicoechea was pleased all those bills are “moving ahead, so we’re gaining on those fronts.” On the 14th, there was a Sagebrush Ecocouncil meeting; on the 15th, he, Tibbitts and the other two Eureka County members travelled to Winnemucca for the Humboldt River Basin Water Authority meeting.


Elected official, Judge Susan Fye, who has overseen the Beowawe Justice Court has elected to retire meaning that in July, Crescent Valley and Beowawe have the potential of a township with no judge. State law says every township has to have a judge; there can be no township without a judge. District Attorney Beutel proposed changing the township’s boundary to have the same boundary as the County. To do so would require an amendment and will have budgetary implications.

Goicoechea made a motion to amend the County code to consolidate the townships consistent with NRS 257.010.

To ensure Beowawe and Crescent Valley still have access to justice, court will continue to be held at Beowawe Justice Court on Thursdays. NHP citations will be sent directly to Eureka; a car will be purchased for court personnel travel from Eureka to Crescent Valley and the Eureka Court staff will make themselves available working with the Sheriff’s Office to provide such things as temporary protective orders. Cindy Garcia noted that recently a lot of the rural courts have combined.


Chairman Goicoechea discussed the fact the at the comment period on the BLM’s Administrative Draft on the Sage Grouse has closed. The Sagebrush Ecosystem Council, he said, did have an “abbreviated meeting.” Issues like no tall structures in the immediate vicinity of nesting habitats such as three or four foot structures are being analysed to understand exactly what that means. Currently a ‘protest period’ rather than a ‘comment period’ is underway allowing for time to levy a protest against the Final EIS. Goicoechea said the Governor’s Consistency Review will be starting. Elko, White Pine and Eureka Counties sent letters to the Governor to review and Goicoechea sees it as critical he gets all that information. State Analyst, Corey Hunt, related at the Sagebrush Ecocouncil meeting that if there is something not consistent between the State and County plans, it will be up to the Governor to consider what is best for the state. “Stay tuned. We’re moving and I would imagine you would start seeing some litigation discussions from Western states.” June 8th Goicoechea will be meeting with other states regarding the EIS. He noted that SB46 is “a pretty important bill to head that off” but “we’re still moving on.”


Goicoechea related that SB495 “died” in the Assembly, an Ag bill related to feed additives as the Department of Agriculture was asking the State to put regulations in place regulating additives and related to pharmaceuticals for animals. Goicoechea said if Nevada doesn’t have regulations in place, the Food & Drug Administration which oversees national levels in pharmaceuticals and feed additives will be “down my neck as a veterinarian as to what I put in my minerals.” Goicoechea said if the State puts something in place, the FDA will respect the State’s guidelines. He recommended concerned citizens get in touch with Director Barbie of the Department of Agriculture who “was having a meltdown” over the prospect of such FDA regulation. “Stay tuned for that. It’s going to effect rural counties.”


EMS Coordinator, Mike Sullivan reported since his last report, Eureka had 10 calls for service and Crescent Valley none. Eureka lost one volunteer EMT who transferred. 7 members are inactive including one on active duty; one is at college although all respond when they’re in town. Sullivan said his Eureka employee is back on light duty while continuing therapy. In Crescent Valley, one volunteer is on sick leave and there are three volunteer EMT’s, as well as an employee, for a total staff of five.

Sullivan said Summit Air has been bought by Reach. The Summit manager told Sullivan there will be no name changes and greater access to fixed wing transport.
May 7 Sullivan travelled to Carson City to submit the services’ operating permit while on the 14th Eureka ambulance responded to a major accident on Bobcat Summit to which both Summit and Airflight were called in as well as the Austin and paramedic ambulance out of Battle Mountain respnded. Two patients were taken to Fallon and Battle Mountain while one patient succumbed to injuries.

Sullivan said State EMS has requested the Eureka mass casualty bus for an event in Fallon and a conference in Virginia City at which the vehicle will be on static display. Sullivan said with several serious accidents over the last month, he encouraged the public to look out for animals on the road and to “wear your seatbelts.”


Public Works Director, Ron Damele noted there will be an extrication training in Eureka on May 30. In Public Works updates, he said the Kobeh Basin bid specifications are complete. He met with Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board member Dawn Gann to go over water conservation ideas for the Crescent Valley park. Damele expressed concern that the sage hen may take higher priority over life and property for fire suppression. “That’s kind of disturbing,” Damele said. Water meter upgrades were completed in District 1 and conservation notices sent out to Devil’s Gate residents. Damele said May Clean Up has been going well and reported that the pool manager was at Red Cross training in Las Vegas the previous week.


Bev Conley, Clerk/Treasurer, reported that the County began the month of April with $10,470,909, saw revenue of $606,462, disbursements of $989,859 and closed the month with an ending fund balance of $10,087,511.


Andy Rossman, Cultural, Tourism, & Economic Development Director reported she submitted a grant for $2500 in the first cycle of marketing grant applications to the state. As 280 grant requests were submitted to the state, as Director of the Pony Express Territory she’ll be participating in meetings to go through the grants to decide which to recommend which she’ll be participating in by phone as the meetings take place in Carson City.


Angie Black came before the Commission with a proposal to utilize the existing 2015 remaining Activities Program monies to fund upcoming events at the Crescent Valley Arena/Rodeo Grounds. Black gave the Commissioners “a quick update” on the series of gymkhana events she’s organized for which she’s received “huge support” and donations from Action Trucking, Granite Construction, Major Drilling, American Drilling, Peggy’s, Hair Mania, Ace Hardware, Food Town, H&R Block, Ames, the Dean Ranch, Napa, Sunwest Silver, Barrick Gold, Klondex Gold. Donations provided included t-shirts, duffel bags, gift certificates, bales of hay, lunch boxes, water bottles, jewelry to raffle, and 60 riding helmets which were given to the children. On May 3rd at the gymkhana a raffle was held with 50% of the proceeds going to a local family that just lost their son.

With $3,000 in awards handed out for whole series and another $3,000 in “goodies,” Black said the gymkhanas are having “a good turn out” with excellent support from the Road Crew. Dates for future events have not been set but Black asked for the $2,120.39 left in the Activities Fund to support the fall series. The Commission approved the request.


Natural Resource Manager, Jake Tibbitts reported on May 11 worked with a small group on the Groundwater Management Plan and on the 12th went to Reno to the Desert Research Institute for a Biochar Field Day at which soils from Diamond Valley were used in experiments with biochar concentrations to see results. On the 13th he attended the DNRPCA irrigator’s meeting where there were 25 to 30 people with the primary discussion being over petitioning the State Engineer for curtailment in Diamond Valley. Tibbitts was there to provide information while they determine amongst themselves how to proceed. On the 15th Tibbitts attended the Humboldt River Basin Water Authority where State Engineer Jason King and Rick Felling of the Division of Water Resources discussed declines in the Humboldt River and the proposed capture model the State Engineer plans to use to determine if pumping in certain location is having on river flow. Tibbitts said the midel itself is not important, rather what he sees as important is what is determined to be done with the knowledge as far as how it will be used and ensuring people have lead time on state planning “rather than just pulling the rug out from under people.” Tibbitts said there will be on-going discussions over the next couple of years so everyone’s prepared.

On June 1, Tibbitts, Abby Johnson, members of the Planning Commission and Commissioner Etchegaray will be attending a Joint Land Use Study Meeting at the Naval Air Use Station. As the military’s operations extend over Eureka County and potentially impact land use, mines, surface occupancy, communication towers with no land use regulations, the military has been highlighting “incompatability issues” with Eureka County. Tibbitts stressed the importantance of developing understanding and clarity now so with leadership changes in the future the County does “not have surprises.”

In relation to the State Sage Grouse Plan, Tibbitts noted there has been a push in Congress to put in a ten year delay during which the Fish & Wildlife Service can’t move forward with sage grouse related rule writing if a state has adopted a plan and rather needs to allow states that have developed a plan to implement it. Tibbitts said while the House passed the measure attached to the National Defense Authorization Plan the chances on the Senate side “may not be good.”
Goicoechea noted the measure talks about Resource Management Plans and the BLM not being able to implement changes inconsistent with state plans and is not sure how that would occur or how it could be enforced.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

• Minutes of the April 6, 2015 Commission meeting;

• Minutes of the April 13, 2015 Commission meeting;

• Minutes of the April 20, 2015 Commission meeting;

• Per request of Sheriff Keith Logan, replacement payment of $360.00 to Advanced Radiology Limited for an indigent medical bill for services incurred on behalf of an inmate on August 24, 2013 with the original check processed in September 2013, erroneously cashed, later reimbursed to the County, but never replaced;

• Shifting primary supervision to County Assessor, Mike Mears, and secondary supervision to the Acting Recorder/Auditor, Tina Hubbard, for a shared position between the Assessor and Recorder/Auditor’s offices;

• A six month contract extension, through Dec. 31, 2015, with Abigail C. Johnson, providing consulting services for the County Commission, Natural Resources, and Public Works, bringing expertise in environmental reviews, rural community development, project management and coordination, public information and writing without increasing the current contract amount of $63,000.00 of which approximately $40,000.00 remains in unexpended funds;

• Authorizing staff to bid the Steven’s Basin and Kobeh Valley Groundwater Exploratory Well Drilling, Construction, & Test Pumping Project, PWP No. EU-2015-188Funding for this project will be from the current Fiscal Year 2014-2015 budget to determine the quantity and chemical qualities of these waters;

• Adopting a Resolution to Provide Payment for Fire Engines Directly to the Volunteer Fire Departments with the Eureka Fire Protection District when Responding to Wildland Fire and All Risk Incidents The 2015 Annual Operating Plan for Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement between Bureau of Land Management, Battle Mountain District Office, Elko District Office, and Eureka County;

• Adopting tax rates for Fiscal Year 2015-2016;

• A proposed amendment to the Eureka County Personnel Policy, Section 3.A.500, Employee Costs for Health Insurance for Dependents, to modify language related to the percentages paid by employees for dependent health insurance coverage as outlined in a resolution proposed on April 13th by the Board of Eureka County Commissioners a copy of which has been available in the Commissioners’ office for public review and has been distributed to all employees for review and comment;

• Authorizing staff to bid the Steven’s Basin and Kobeh Valley Groundwater Exploratory Well Drilling, Construction, & Test Pumping Project, PWP No. EU-2015-188;

• Entering into formal agreement with Mark Pollot, Esq for legal representation on the appeal of the BLM Fish Creek Herd Manasgement wild horse gather and fertility control treatment with the monies already having been allocated;

• Requesting BLM State Director Review of the Final Decision for the Mt. Hope Project Plan of Operations Amendment;

• Amending the Eureka County Personnel Policy, Section 3.A.500, Employee Costs for Health Insurance for Dependents language related to the percentages paid by employees for dependent health insurance coverage for new hires to 50/50 coverage;

• Adopting tax rates for Fiscal Year 2015-2016;

• Accepting the Final Budget, and signing top sheets for Fiscal Year 2015-2016;

• Adopting Budget Augmentation Resolution for augmentation of the Assessor’s Technology Fund by $2,645 for the Fiscal Year 2014-2015 budget.