Policing over 4,000 square miles with a small department is no easy task, but it’s Eureka County Sheriff Keith Logan’s job to get it done.

Keeping the peace in rural Nevada takes trained officers, cooperation with other departments and being involved in the community. Logan said his office takes pride in accomplishing all three everyday by making sure to have the right people for the job under his command.

“We are always trying to find the right fit for an officer that can provide the best level of service who brings a good nature and intelligence to it, a sense of humor, to be able to provide the best level of service that we can everyday,” Logan said.

The Eureka Sheriff’s Department, much like the White Pine County Sheriff’s Department, have to find ways to make the most efficient use of their limited resources to cover the vast nature of rural Nevada.

Having officers with the right attitude and awareness is the first step. The second is cooperation.

“We work hand in hand and I have an outstanding relationship with [White Pine County] Sheriff Dan Watts and we have shared responsibilities with the narcotics task force out of Ely,” Logan continued. “In response to an emergency, we respond to White Pine County very regularly for crimes, accidents, emergencies, fires, medical calls, things of that nature, because we are geographically closer physically than the folks in Ely.”

But with a population of only a little over 2,000 people, Logan knows that the best way to earn the tight-knit community’s trust and respect is to be an involved member in the lives of those he and his officers are sworn to protect.

“I’ve got countless examples of members of this department getting involved in the community,” Logan said, listing numerous examples of members of his staff that are involved in school athletics as coaches as well as local little league teams and more.

Taken on their own, each of these merits of the department might seem like small thing, but when added all up, Logan said that it forms a cohesive whole that works to keep the citizens of Eureka County feeling safe.

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