Deputy Carl Howell of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, killed in the line of duty, was remembered with a moment of silence as was the late Ken Dugan of Crescent Valley who was also commemorated and honored for his service to Eureka County.


Commissioner Etchegaray attended the DNRPCA meeting on August 11th as well as the Groundwater Management Plan meeting on the 18th and on the 19th attended the Governor’s Drought Forum with Jake Tibbitts.

Commissioner Sharkozy attended a Search and Rescue Meeting on the 10th and on the 11th a Crescent Valley Volunteer Fire Department training.

Commissioner Goicoechea on the 13th had a Sage Brush EcoCouncil Meeting in Carson City and on the 14th travelled to Salt Lake City at which meeting Congressman Bishop gave an update on the Defense Authorization Act. Goicoechea said it was a good meeting with the “take home on the consistency review of the Governors.” Goicoechea said two RODS will be signed, one for the Great Basin and one for the Colorado Plateau with Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Northern California and Oregon in one and Eastern Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and South Dakota. On the 17th, Goicoechea and Damele had a call with NDEP wrapping up “stuff with our SLAG committee” dealing with lead and arsenic and on the 20th attended a conference call with the Nevada Cattleman’s Executive Committee over what is going on in Eureka County related to the Fish Creek Gather.


Michael Bennett, PE, WRS, of Lumos & Associates was present for the presentation of a 2015 American Public Works Association Project of the Year Award for transportation projects under $5 million, as awarded for the Robins Street Project in Eureka.


Since last report Eureka has had 21 calls for service and Crescent Valley 7 for a total of 90 for Eureka and 37 for Crescent Valley, or 137, 11 more than last year. Mike Sullivan, EMS Coordinator, said staffing remains stable with an applicant to drive the Mass Casualty bus. Sullivan noted the Eureka Ambulance responded on July 18 responded to an accident in Monitor Canyon who were evacuated using the off-road rescue vehicle and sent by air to Reno. On July 27, Eureka Ambulance responded to a fatal accident on SR278. On August 5th Care Flight conducted a training at the Fairgrounds. During the Fair one injured was transported to the Clinic. On Aug. 11, Sullivan attended the hearing for Medex 1 which would be serving Crescent Valley, Pine Valley, Dunphy and Boulder Valley and he has not yet received word as to whether the application has been approved.


Ron Damele, Public Works Director, related that Eureka County is going to move towards one county-wide water rate which will involve changing ordinances in order to “do more with less” and will be going with a tiered-rate so that the people who use the most water pay the most. It’s never been done before in Eureka and “I think we’re going to be able to pull it off.” Damele said, “It’s time we looked outside of the box as far as the water goes.” Damele said the water system is “very tight” and “don’t leak” and are “modern” and thinks the structure “should be consistent with that.” Damele said the EPA will not be back in Eureka this summer to clean up their ten remaining properties on the books. Damele also related that the Western United States is under a Critical Fire Resource Level and cannot staff fires or fill orders for doziers, water tenders or crews which means Eureka and the State are “on their own,” and that Eureka will lend support where needed as needed.


In a report on the security of the jail and the treatment and condition of prisoners at the local detention facility, Sheriff Logan reported that in the second quarter of the year a total of 22 inmates were housed with a total of 252 inmate days or an average of 2.77 inmates, a decrease of 152 inmates days or 1.71 inmates per day.

There is a current inmate population of one who is pending sentencing in district court. There were 93 animals calls in the quarter and the total amount of calls were 2,170 which included 71 reports and 14 arrests and 21 citations.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

Expenditures of $1351248.63 including a Payroll of $261,845.19 pay, and a pass-through to the School District of $768,296.47;

A short-term contract with Mike Rebaleati for temporary IT and network services for the next 3 months not to exceed 40 hours per month at a cost not to exceed in toto $16,875;

Modifying ambulance rate changes, as approved on July 6, based on further research and recommendations from Health Services Integration, Inc.;

A License Agreement with the United States Postal Service for the Crescent Valley Cluster Box Unit (CBU) site, USPS Lease No. QB0000457549 (license term-10 years, license payment-none, license termination-180 days);

Moving alternate member, Diane Wise, into the vacant seat representing southern Eureka County on the Economic Development Program Board for the remainder of the two-year term

Proposing to amend the Personnel Policy pursuant to Eureka County Code (ECC) 2.50 to change the payroll structure for all employees, including but not limited to policies 2.A (Pay Periods and Paydays) and 2.B (Work Week Defined);

Proposing to amend the Personnel Policy pursuant to ECC 2.50 to change the compensation paid to the Undersheriff and to eliminate the Lieutenant position; see policy 2.F.100(a)(2);

Job descriptions for Deputy Sheriff I, II, and III, and reclassify the Deputy Sheriffs with those descriptions;

Out-of-state travel for two staff members to attend the RIMS Users Conference in South Lake Tahoe, scheduled October 19th thru 23rd ;

Moving alternate member, Diane Wise, into the vacant seat representing southern Eureka County on the Economic Development Program Board for the remainder of the two-year term.

Eureka County Commissioners denied:

A request from Deputy District Attorney, Jeffrey Slade, to donate balance of sick leave to the sick leave bank upon his resignation