The Eureka Business Network will hold its first meeting of 2016 Tuesday, March 8 at 8 a.m. in the Eureka Owl Club located at 61 North Main Street. Representatives from businesses in Eureka and throughout Eureka County are encouraged to attend.

Eleny Carrion-Mentaberry, manager of the Eureka Owl Club, serves as the EBN Chair. Her duties include setting the agenda and facilitating meetings. She also serves as the spokeswoman for EBN and forms committees when warranted.

“The first meeting of each year is very important for the Eureka Business Network, because we nominate and elect our officers for the year and it’s also the meeting where we set our path forward for the year,” Carrion-Mentaberry said.

Founded in 2010, this business networking group accepts all types of private businesses and new business interests. EBN is voluntary and no dues or payments are required. The Eureka Owl Club has graciously offered to sponsor EBN’s meetings with meeting space and light refreshments.

“Whether the local economy is in contraction or expansion, it’s always important for local businesses and organizations doing business locally to network and share information about their plans and outlook for the coming year,” Carrion-Mentaberry added.

The EBN’s mission is to support the success of local businesses through business networking, education, and cooperative promotion as well as to sustain and grow the availability of goods and services. Also, it encourages the retention and expansion of existing businesses, while welcoming the development of new businesses to Eureka County’s communities. The EBN serves as an opinion leader by providing a unified voice for local business communities in Eureka County.

For more information about the Eureka Business Network, Chair Eleny Carrion-Mentaberry can be reached at 775-237-5280.