March 8 ECSD Board Meeting


The Administrative Committee leading the search for a new superintendent reported to the board that they have received 13 applications. After reviewing all the applications and assigning scores to each based on experience and other qualifications, the committee has narrowed it down to the top five applicants. After performing background checks, the committee will present these applications to the board the select the top three for interview. Interviews will hopefully be scheduled for early April. These interviews are public, and anyone is allowed to attend.


The Board approved the advertising brochure for the new principal position including the advertised salary of $72,196 – $117,059. The committee will post the advertisement by Friday in order to have applicants ready for interview by the time a new superintendent is hired. The board desires to include the new superintendent in the hiring process to make this transition as smooth as possible as the new school year begins.


Brief comments were made about upcoming budget meetings for FY 2017. The departments will make presentations and capital projects will be discussed as well. The FY17 and FY16 budgets will be placed on the board meeting agendas for the near future in order to ensure all topics can be discussed before a budget is finalized for the upcoming fiscal year.


The board discussed the option for all-day kindergarten for the upcoming school year. Several parents and teachers weighed in on both sides of the argument. An all-day/half-day option was presented. Those opposed consider all day to be too long for students at that age and the class can become a daycare in the afternoon. However, a curriculum for all-day kindergarten was presented to the board with structured education throughout the day, not just morning. Most parents voiced concern about other current issues that may affect the 2017 budget and want to wait until those issues have been addressed before considering this issue.


The board is considering splitting next year’s 1st and 4th grades. Educational concerns as well as class size have become an issue. Parents spoke to the board, urging them to prepare financially for this need to hire new teachers to follow these classes until such time that they are caught up and no longer need to be split. If split, the classes would be split evenly without any account of testing scores which would encourage all students to meet at the same level in time.


The board wants to thin out the parent involvement policy to only items that truly apply to the ECSD. This document can be found on the district website policy #1200. The Visitor Policy was clarified to explain that visitors are not allowed to drop in on their children in class unannounced and should give the school 24 hour notice to the school for any visit. This policy can also be found on the school website.


In the upcoming year, ECSD will be transferring all school/student data to Infinite Campus. The board approved the necessary funding for training in the amount of $15,500 for FY16 and $13,000 in FY17. These numbers are estimates and may change as the transition begins. Infinite Campus is used by all other school districts and the state office. This transition should make data transfer and communications between districts and state easier and more efficient.


The board approved Principal Dan Wold’s contract for the term of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, for the amount of $126,755.


The board approved Systems Engineer Elmer Porter’s contract for the term of July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017, for the amount of $98,879.


The board approved the letting of bids for the Capron Street Sidewalk Project to be completed with Capital Project funds. The estimated cost is $163,000. However, the board will have a better idea of the cost once the district receives bids for the project.There is a scheduled special meeting March 22, 2016 and a regular meeting April 12, 2016