The Nevada Department of Wildlife wants to remind everyone that the big game application process is now open.

Hunters have an array of hunts; mule deer, elk, pronghorn antelope, mountain goat and three species of bighorn sheep (Desert, California and Rocky Mountain), to choose from. Deer, elk and antelope offer additional options for weapon type (rifle, archery, and muzzleloader), sex (male or female) and season dates.

Again this year, NDOW is offering some combination hunt options that allow sportsmen hunting in predetermined areas the chance of hunting a cow elk simultaneous to hunting a mule deer, and one that allows sportsmen the chance to hunt a cow elk while also hunting bull elk.

The deadline for applications is Monday, April 18. Online applicants have until 11 p.m. Hunters who choose to submit a paper application through a postal service must have their applications received by the Wildlife Administrative Services Office by 5 p.m. to qualify. We encourage applicants to apply online to receive a confirmation of receipt.

To help hunters understand the application process and make informed choices, the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) provides a vast amount of information. Hunter’s can find population reports, draw odds and harvest statistics, maps, Hunter Information Sheets and much more on the agency’s website at

The 2016 quotas will be set by the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners at their May 13 and 14 meeting in Reno.