Commissioner Etechegaray attended a Rec Board meeting on the June 27 and Commissioner Sharkozy attended the June 21 FireWise Meeting in Crescent Valley, the June 23 Kids & Cops in Crescent Valley and the June 28 Fire Department meeting.

Chairman Goicoechea participated in a phone conference call on June 9th with the UNR Provost with NACO; and the week of June 20th was in Washington, DC; on the 21st he attended a planning meeting with BLM Director Kornze on Planning 2.0. Goicoechea said one Democrat was on the dais for that and she came out opposed to 2.0 and asked pointed questions of the Director.

On the 22nd, Goicoechea testified in front of the House of Representatives Natural Resource Committee on the management of wild horses which is available on YouTube ( HYPERLINK “”

On the 24th, Goicoechea attended the NACO Board of Directors’ meeting by telephone and on the 29th chaired and attended the Sage Brush Ecosystem Council meeting.

Goicoechea met with representatives of Midway Gold and attorney Laura Granier who is doing work with them in Greenway. Midway is trying to get the Gold Rock EIS back up and there are concerns about mitigation and noise levels. Goicoechea said it “looks like they may go underground with the power line to Gold Rock.”

Discussing the Forest Service Land Use Plan Amendment, Goicoechea said the FS position is “we have a map; we’ll look at that map” and “if it falls within habitat” they’ll “go out on the ground and if it’s a rock pile and not a habitat” it “doesn’t matter if it’s habitat” they will “abide by the rules of the Sage Brush Focal area” even if there are “no impacts” which Goicoechea finds “very concerning”

Millie Oram, Senior Centers Program Director, reported the Aging & Disability Service audit came back and “looks good.” June saw the Eureka Senior Center serve 905 or 41 meals per day in June while Crescent Valley served 487 or 22 per day and together the Centers deposited $9,284.31.

On June 28 Oram received three invoices from the Ruby Hill Motel going back to 2015. Since invoices need to be paid within 6 months only those within that time-frame were approved for payment by the Commission.

Jayme Halpin Road Maintenance Equipment Operator III, gave the update on Road Department Activities for June. In Diamond Valley, the Road Crew has been working on 3rd Street, 4th Street, and 7th Street and is working on Cave Street. The Road Crew did firebreaks around the town of Eureka for July 4th and are working up towards Prospect. Up north there’s been a blade on the JD Road and Horse Canyon and Fenceline road as well as in Sheep Creek and Cottonwood Canyon.

Ron Damele reported the design of the EPA repository is complete and a final set of plans done. On June 25 had a Chief’s meeting well-attended by Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs where they talked about equipment and training. There was to be a training in Dunphy on July 7th and on July 15th the fire restrictions will begin. Damele said the Townhome inspections on June 28th showed “no big problems” with “a lot of minor problems that can get straightened out with maintenance.” Damele said there’s no evidence of mold with some roof shingles missing and windows needing adjustment, Damele said there’s “typical wear and tear you’d see on a facility after four or five years.” Damele is working on a plan and in a “week or ten days we should have it fairly well figured out.”

The record of survey of the 28 acres where the repository will be located showed a discrepancy in surveys conducted in relation to Cemetary and instilled a 15 foot buffer around the Masonic Lodge Cemetary which the Commission approved a deed memorializing.

Public Works plans to implement a reorganization “to look at ways we could maintain the Townhomes with existing staff. To do so Damele plans to incorporate Public Works Water & Sewer with the Buildings & Grounds with Public Works Technicians job descriptions under one supervisor and said, “The six folks in that department will be cross-trained with Public Works and Buildings and Grounds in “light of the work load we’re going to have with the Townhomes” with “salary savings putting this all under one supervisor.” In addition, Damele related that Kathy Kincade can assume the duties of the Crescent Valley Town Board Secretary which “will take a minor job description change.”

Jimmy Ithurralde came before the Commission to request a 50 to 100 foot ‘buffer’ around the Catholic Cemetary in the Town of Eureka which led the Commission to approve a survey and a 100 foot buffer that will be transferred to the Church.

Jake Tibbitts, Natural Resource Manager, reported the last couple of weeks he spent a lot of time out of state on family issues. Monday through Thursday, July 11th through 14th, he’ll be at the CARAT meeting in Bozeman, Montana. On Monday, the 11th, the ubcommittee to study water will have its meeting in Pahrump. “I don’t know sometimes they set up the live video” so you “can still watch the meetings live” but “either way I’m sure we’ll hear from the good Chairman what happens there. That will have a lot of bearing on what happens in Diamond Valley.” On the 18th, the Boulder Valley Maggie Creek Monitoring meetings will be taking place which Dale Bugenig will be attending; on the 19th he’ll be attending the Conservation District meeting; and the evening of the 20th NRAC’s monthly meeting.

Tibbitts said they’ve “buttoned up a lot of our PJ work” and are “getting all the invoices” and receiving reimbursement from the Heritage Trust Account. “On the BLM side,” Tibbitts related he had a phone call with the BLM who will be providing an additional $5500 for weed spraying.

Tibbitts related that the Ely BLM is consolidating the Egan and Shelby Field Offices into the Bristlecone Field Office “effective right now” with one Field Manager, Jill Moore, rather than two.

Jill Moore, let Tibbitts know the Gold Rock permitting process will be ramping up with which Eureka County will be involved as a cooperating agency. Tibbitts noted the Horse Canyon EA is still moving forward and he will be attending conference calls with the BLM every two weeks. Tibbitts said there are going to be some right of way issues “to grapple with” as the BLM is looking to impose sage grouse restrictions and the proponent will need to get a right of way.

Tibbitts also brought to the Commission’s attention a bill proposed by the House of Representatives that would create a BLM Foundation, a non-profit to be set up with a Board of Directors to take donations from special interest groups and use funds to do things on public lands. BLM Director Kornze testified he’s very supportive of the idea and using monies for mine land reclamation and for wild horses and burros. Concerns involve the BLM suing permittees and then financing projects that are going on.

Goicoechea said they “need to be very, very vocal on how that directorship is filled” and if it passes through the Senate he has “concerns about what that is going to turn into” and knows “who is going to end up with that job” and added, “We need to address some concerns there.”

Etchegaray asked what the State’s involvement is with treating noxious weeds, and Tibbitts said, “We spray in the right-of-way,” noting, “You’ll see on Highway 50 that NDOT has obligations for that” and “have contracted with Tri County Weed” who’ll be coming to Eureka County at least on Highway 50. Tibbitts said on SR278 “there’s not much getting done there. We’ve done some. It all comes down to funding. They have the same obligations you would as a private party” and it depends on whether they have the funding or capacity to do it. He said Ron Damele provided him with the local District Engineer’s information and Tibbitts will be working “to build that partnership back up to provide funding.”

In considering a response to recent activities and issues related to sage grouse including, but not limited to, federal Land Use Plan Amendments and current litigation, including funding contributions, Tibbitts noted the invoice from the law firm was received and paid and said there is still time for the Intervenors and BLM to file.

In considering items to present at the Legislative Interim Committee on Public Lands meeting in Elko on July
July 28 an item being brought forward is State assistance in finalizing title to RS2477 roads. Tibbitts noted there needs to be a legislative appropriation provided to the Attorney General’s office to allow them to do more than just fulfill an advisory role.

Regarding the BLM’s Planning 2.0, the Committee’s already heard it, but Tibbitts said they “need to hear it from multiple, all these jurisdictions” and regarding the wild horse and burro issue, they need to build off statements by Gov. Sandoval recommending the pursuit of all legal options. Tibbitts wants to “grab ahold of that traction and get the community on board with that process. He always wants to bring forward the issue of the BLM Water Fund across the state in which the BLM has filed on multiple water reserves claiming water rights under the Treaty of Hidalgo.

Tibbitts will have a packet for the Commission for the meeting on July 18th. He and the Chairman will be going to the meeting.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:
Expenditures of $1,246,359.84;
Allowing Care Flight of Nevada & California to allow payroll deductions for to allow payroll deductions for County employees who enroll in their annual membership plan (Note: Care Flight’s family membership rate is $55.00 per year, but they will offer a reduced annual fee for employees who choose the payroll deduction option);

Accepting job description for Assistant Comptroller and abolishing job description for Payroll Specialist (Note: This is not a creating a new position, but is replacing the Payroll Specialist job description to provide a more comprehensive description of duties);

Approve a Hiring Freeze Waiver Justification and provide authorization to fill the Assistant Comptroller position (Note: This is not a request to hire an additional employee, but is a replacement due to an upcoming retirement within the department; there will be an overlap period to allow for necessary training of the new employee);

Changing the Commission Meeting from July 20 to Monday, July 18;

Ratifying Notification of Grant Award from Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division for supplemental Nutrition Grant #07-000-57-NX-16 in the amount of $1,526 with no match required;

Ratifying Notification of Grant Award from Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division for Transportation Grant #07-000-10-BC-17 in the amount of $22,500 with a County match of $2,206.

A proposal from Lumos & Associates for engineering services related to developing the documentation necessary for an Environmental Categorical Exclusion for the Micro Seal & Striping Project at the Eureka Airport (05U), for a not to exceed amount of $6,700.00;

An application for a residential ¾-inch water service located on APN 002-046-01, 675 6th Street in Crescent Valley;

A Boundary Line Adjustment Deed between Eureka County and Eureka Lodge No. 16 F&AM in support of a Record of Survey supporting a Boundary Line Adjustment Map relating to APN 001-141-01 and APN 001- 141-02;

A Record of Survey in support of a boundary line adjustment for Eureka County and Eureka Lodge No. 16 F&AM, located within the NE ¼ of Section 23, T19N, R53E, MDM;

Public Works plan to implement a reorganization that will streamline functions and provide cross-training and assignment of duties between the buildings maintenance staff and utilities staff;

Public Works Technician 1, 2, & 3, and Senior Public Works Technician job descriptions and corresponding range on the Eureka County salary scale for each position, as follows: PW Technician 1/Range 116, PW Technician 2/Range 119, PW Technician 3/Range 127. Senior PW Technician/Range 133;

Job description for Assistant Public Works Director and corresponding Range 138 on the Eureka County salary scale, and all matters properly relating thereto (Note: This description is an update to the existing Road Superintendent job description to accurately reflect additional duties assigned to the position);

Utilizing staff hours, volunteer hours, and board/committee hours, when appropriate, as in-kind matches for various grants awarded to Eureka County;

Updated Eureka County TV District Site License Agreement and Outbuilding Easement granted by Eureka County in order to rent rack, tower, and building space to GRP Pan, LLC (formerly MDW Pan, LLP).