The county approved an agreement between Nevada Rural Housing Authority and Eureka County for return of the complete right, title, and ownership of properties now held by NRHA at the Eureka Canyon Subdivision.

Chairman Goicoechea said, “One of the reasons behind this is the economic situation the way it is; obviously, they were unable to secure the financing and we can’t as a County offer that” given “the economic situation we’re in.” He thought it was the best scenario to have ownership returned to the County. The commission then approved the property’s return to the County. The Agreement unfolds over the next 45 days, culminating on Aug. 5. “We’re going to need some personnel as we get into winter,” the Chairman said. He asked the Public Works Department to bring in a proposal of how to winterize and take care of the units going forward so they remain an asset to the County with Public Works likely taking over rentals and management of the property.

Ron Damele said a company is prepared to inspect all 50 units going including going underneath the buildings not for code compliance but for functionality compliance to take place on Tuesday, June 28th so Damele will know if there are any issues that need to be discussed and will receive a written report. The Commission approved the inspection at a cost of $13,400.

Goicoechea requested an agenda item regarding programs in the State of Nevada, including the level of local government involvement, related to mosquito surveillance and abatement. Goicoechea said he got an update from the Nevada Department of Agriculture and said no mosquito pools came up positive with Zika, West Nile or enchephalitis although they have in Clark County.Due to current climate conditions, the Zika virus cannot live in the State of Nevada. “There is no need to panic about the Zika virus in Nevada,” Goicoechea said. He advised using repellants, wearing long-sleeve shirts and head covering and recommended not leaving standing water outside.


In discussing proposed changes to NAC 450B (regulations governing State licensed EMTs and ambulance services), which would greatly increase certain fees charged by the Nevada Department of Health & Human Services, Division of Public & Behavioral Health, Emergency Medical Systems, EMS Coordinator, Mike Sullivan said, “Among the changes proposed are fee and fine increases by the Health Division” being done to augment and replace the budget of the State EMS Office. Sullivan sees no statutory authority to fund the fees. Sullivan said this is a transition focusing on inspections, fees and fines. He said the Eureka Service was being inspected by the State. Violations are all Class A and put the emergency vehicles out of service and have a fine attached. “This is something that’s been going on for a while with the State where they’re trying to go to that regulatory model.” They said it was to bring fees in line with Clark County. Sullivan pointed out the EMS was to be funded by the General Fund and that fees will cause hardship to volunteers and the service. He requested the Board oppose the increased fees and petition the Legislature to increase the funding to EMS.

Goicoechea said, “This is what continues to chip away at our volunteers” and agreed “we should send a letter in opposition” and agreed EMS should be general fund based rather than fee based.

Sullivan was given direction to draft a letter for Goicoechea to sign outside the meeting.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

Signing a letter to the Nevada Commission on Tourism relinquishing grant funds in the amount of $10,000.00, designated for purchase and installation of a message board/sign in the Town of Eureka;

The recommendation of the Eureka County Economic Development Program Board to withdraw from the Great Basin Regional Development Authority, effective immediately; and authorize staff to provide official notification;

Filing protests to additional water applications filed with the Nevada Division of Water Resources by Kobeh Valley Ranch, LLC;

Purchase of Priority Dispatch ProQAEmergency Medical Dispatch Software (includes software, server, maintenance, training, etc.), for a not to exceed amount of $33,000.00, and all matters properly relating thereto with a portion of these costs to be recouped from or paid for through Nevada POOL/PACT

Signing a letter to the Nevada Commission on Tourism relinquishing grant funds in the amount of $10,000.00, designated for purchase and installation of a message board/sign in the Town of Eureka;

Rewriting the job description for review by Human Resources for the Casual Crescent Valley Town Board Department Assistant and determining who will be the supervisor and when that is clarified advertising for the position;

A one year contract of $717,000 with an early termination clause with Nevada Health Centers with a guarantee of $697,000 with inclusion of a maximum penalty phase of $20,000 with a doctor four days week and a mid-level provider 5 days a week and a separate contract for Crescent Valley for three days a week with a mid-level such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant.