Tuesday, July 26, Commissioner Sharkozy attended the Senior Center Advisory Board meeting; a Firewise Meeting and Fireman’s meeting; on the 27th he went on the Newmont Mine Tour; and on the 3rd of August an Indigent Fund meeting in Carson City.

Chairman Goicoechea attended a meeting with NDF, Public Works and the Road Crew going over what type of fire response is expected from NDF with the clarification that for tone outs north of the JD Road “they’ll be rolling out.” He also attended the Newmont Mine Tour on July 27th and thanked Mike Mears for putting that together. On the 28th, he and Natural Resources Manager, Jake Tibbitts, testified before the Public Lands Committee which is interested in funding outside counsel to address RS2477 road issues. On Aug. 1 he attended a meeting with AT&T and had a conference call with NACO in the afternoon. He related that NACO wants full funding back for University of Nevada Reno Cooperative Extension and are running into opposition from the University. On August 2nd, he and Tibbitts met with Cassidy & Associates from Washington, DC identifying public lands to convey for mining companies and the County with the lands request to be placed in a legislative bill.

Commissioner Etchegaray attended a Groundwater Management Meeting on July 25 as well as the AT&T meeting on Aug. 1.

Sagebrush Ecosystem Program
Chairman Goicoechea reported the Sagebrush Ecosystem Program received a letter from the Fish & Wildlife Service wanting more involvement in the conservation program. Agreements are in place with the Forest Service and the BLM and in the north end of the County Newmont is working very closely with the BLM to address grazing management and Goicoechea was pleased to see a major increase in cleaning up and cheat grass control with a promise of grazing being permitted in February/early March.

Senior Centers
Senior Centers Director, Millie Oram, related that a trip was planned for Saturday, August 6th for a group of seniors to take the van to Ely for Art in the Park and on the 22nd, Oram and seniors will leave for Las Vegas for the Miss Senior Nevada Pageant. Oram reported the Eureka Senior Center served 851 meals in July, or 42 meals a day and the Crescent Valley Center served 530 meals, or 27 per day and the two Centers deposited $12635.14 for the month of July.

Raymond Hodson, Road Superintendent, reported the lack of rain has taken a toll on some roads which they “rely on Mother Nature to keep together,” but Hodson related Mother Nature “is not cooperating.” The Road Crew finished work on the Tompkin Road and has moved back to the JD Road. The Road Crew bladed the Roberts Mountain road and with the recent fires have been thinning trees and are seeing springs coming up in roads. The north end Road Crew is continuing to work on the top end of Barth and in Cottonwood Canyon and McClosekey. Hodson related the Crescent Valley park is showing stress from the heat with temperatures over 100 degrees recently in Crescent Valley. Hodson related that work placing a 2 inch overlay will begin on SR278 at MM 69.31 at the Pine Valley sign to MM 75.89 past the Brown Ranch will begin Aug. 22 and take about two weeks to complete.

Hodson related that two wells went down in Crescent Valley due to a power outage on July 21 at 10:30 a.m. and thanks to Road Crew intervention was back up by 2 p.m. Hodson related the cost will be forwarded to the insurance company because the failure was due to the power company. In addition, an air conditioner in the shop went down.
The Crew continues preparation for the Eureka County Fair. On Aug. 4, several engines from Eureka responded to a haystack fire and were on hand for the VFW softball tournament at which a little girl got knocked in the head by a ball which is leading to a fence being installed behind first base.

Cindy Beutel, Eureka Activities Coordinator related the Hot Air Balloons Over the Diamonds, July 29-31 “was a huge success” with visitors travelling from Lund, Tonopah and Austin. Beutel related there were no accidents and on Saturday some 80 people showed up and 70 people on Sunday.

Concerning issues related to sage grouse including, but not limited to, the federal Land Use Plan Amendments and current litigation, Chairman Goicoechea related that the county got all the paperwork in and the federal agencies made another response and “dumped more data on court” and have requested oral arguments in front of the judge. Goicoechea expects based on what the federal agencies did to expect another 30 days.

Considering recommendations and requests to put forward to the Legislative Commission Subcommittee to Study Water for consideration at their work session on Aug. 26, Chairman Goicoechea said there will need to be legislation outlining what is allowed and what is not in relation to the recent designation of Diamond Valley as a critical management basin; otherwise, he foresees issues being taken to court. Dale Bugenig, Dr. Fred Steinman and Jake Tibbitts are outlining a BDR to be discussed on Aug. 26 outlining adaptive management and standing up for prior appropriation rather than mitigation when it is clear that there will be an impact to an existing right.

Chairman Goicoechea who is also the Nevada State Veterinarian related a horse tested positive for West Nile virus in Las Vegas and positive mosquito pools have been found in McGill. There has been some discrepancy out of Lander County but all pools tested in Lander county have tested negative. St. Louis Encephalitis has been found along the river in Lander County; but Goicoechea said it’s always there and recommended vaccinating later in the summer.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:
Minutes of the July 12, 2016, special commission meeting;

Minutes of the July 18, 2016, commission meeting;

Expenditures of $1,009,783 which includes Ym 4,462.49 pt 62,993.67 tax 499,021, min, 2,160

Issuing a Request for Proposals for actuarial services pursuant to GASB Statement No. 45, to be completed in Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Adopting a resolution to abolish Yucca Mountain Fund 075;

An amended Cooperative Agreement for the Creation of Nevadaworks pursuant to the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act of 2014;

A Hiring Freeze Waiver and authorization to replace the Senior Administrative Assistant position, which is being vacated due to resignation;

Out-of-state travel for staff to attend the RIMS Users Conference in South Lake Tahoe, Oct. 10-14

A Hiring Freeze Waiver and authorization to fill the full-time Dispatcher position, which is being vacated due to retirement;

Adopting a resolution pursuant to NRS 4.032 to identify substitute Justices of the Peace Pro Tempore and set per diem salary;

Canceling the regular commission meeting on the 19th and scheduling a special meeting on Aug. 18;

Setting a public hearing date and time to receive public comments and consider adoption of the Eureka County Water Resources Master Plan on Sept. 20 at 1 p.m.;