On Sept. 22, Ron Damele, Jake Tibbitts and Chairman Goicoechea met with Barrick on issues including use and maintenance of county roads and ongoing water concerns with potentially permitted projects moving forward. The Chairman participated in a call with the Public Lands Council which is pushing in the same direction on emergency action related to wild horses. On September 28th, regarding wild horses, the Chairman had a meeting with the stakeholder group, did a tour on the 29th and has been asked to “tour sore spots in the state and prioritize where gathers will occur should we be successful in the lame duck session,” said Goicoechea.

Commissioner Etchegaray, on Sept. 21, attended the court adjudication on the Sadler case; and on the 26th attended the Rec Board.

Commissioner Sharkozy, on Sept. 27, attended the CV Fire Meeting; and on Oct. 4 he attended the Medical Clinic Advisory Committee meeting by interactive TV.


Pursuant to NRS 245.170, the Commission considered qualified electors to serve as County Recorder for the remainder of the unexpired term. 4 individuals stepped forward and Chairman Goicoechea started with Lisa Haney “because she’s on top of my pile.”

Lisa Haney related, that she has worked for the County since 1993 with over 14 years in the Recorder’s office and has been the “only person keeping the office running for the last several months.” Haney said she knows the “legacy issues and knows how to fix them;” is “aware of current laws,” and is dedicated, cares and has respect for the public and the office and was willing to “sacrifice the reduction in pay to better the office.”

Sharkozy asked Haney if she’d be willing to run for office after two years and Haney answered, “Yes, if the public elects me.”

Goicoechea said he knew “things have been challenging at best and thank you for being in there and dealing with it the last few months.”

The Commissioners thanked her for her interest.

Next Chrissy Hubbard came before the Commissioners and explained that she had started out of high school in the military, moved on to mining, started as maintenance clerk, moved into scheduling; and has advanced Excel knowledge. Hubbard characterized herself as “well established in Nevada” and as “being part of the community for a long time” and wanting to put her “talents to use with the county itself.”

Sharkozy asked her if she’d be willing to be up for the election in two years and Hubbard said, “Absolutely.”

Goicoechea asked her if she had “any experience in working or holding public office yet?” and Hubbard said, “No,” but is “willing to be.”

Sharkozy observed she had experience with aircraft and Hubbard related she had “started out doing eye level maintenance,” going to squadrons and helping install engines and then moved on to F18s out on the flight line.” Hubbard said it “was a little hairy at times but I enjoyed it.”

Asked about supervising experience, Hubbard related that when she worked for Barrick she scheduled for the mechanics and in the military supervised multiple people. Hubbard served six years in the military with two at Top Gun in Fallon.

Lisa Haney noted, “I have not been in a supervisory position. I have trained other employees of the last elected Recorder.”

Next Briana Brown came forward and related that she has “lived here over 23 years. I put in for this position because I feel the community needs to be represented in a way that is wholesome. I believe that we need to bring back some morality into the position and a willingness to do what it takes. In several jobs I’ve had I’ve continued to do that from working down at the bank for the 7 years. A lot of time for three years there was just three of us and it didn’t matter if we were on our death bed…dedication is key. I also feel that my experience through the bank with the UCC as well as documentation and knowing how important it is to get everything right comes to the table and we are dealing with legal documentation and it is crucial. I put in a lot of time volunteering in the community and have served on several boards from secretary to president to you name it.”

Sharkozy asked if Brown was “willing to go through the election process?” and she answered, “Absolutely.”

As far as supervisory experience, Brown said she was the financial services representative that took care of the bank when managers were gone that entailed doing the daily administrative duties and supervising the tellers that were on the line and was in charge of cross training all of the employees that came in. Brown is “currently a supervisor at Raine’s Market” and the Market has “14 employees that I do help supervise when Scott, Lee & Sylvia are gone.”

The fourth candidate for the recorder vacancy, Karen Rowley was not present.

Goicoechea said he wants to “keep institutional knowledge” and noted it’s “been a rocky road the last several months.” He said he appreciated all the applicants” and was “looking for somebody who knows about the office” and wanted to “make clear to everyone, whoever is selected there is the expectation that you will hire a deputy.” Goicoechea said he does “not want to continue to do what we are doing. Whoever is appointed, we want you to select a deputy and have that process start immediately. “ Goicoechea noted there “is a ballot question out there to consolidate county functions,” noting “we have a lot of exposure with potential for expanding government through the electorate.”

Goicoechea noted “regardless of who is selected” he hoped things “could get things moving in the right direction” and believes that services should be consolidated and offices combined with a reshuffling of staff so there “would be clerk/recorder, treasurer and a whole list of other stuff” with the aim being to “streamline government to save money.”

All the Candidates were deemed eligible as registered voters.

Commissioner Sharkozy made a motion to appoint Lisa Haney which was seconded by Commissioner Etchegaray and approved by all three Commissioners. The Commission determined to keep the person helping as a casual employee and work with Tina Hubbard on that.


Chairman Goicoechea related, “There is a lot of fluidity here again in the SageBrush Ecosystem Council and tactical team” and they are having “a difficult time filling the technical team with people” needed “to push forward.” A meeting is upcoming in November. Goicoechea said there has “been some concern over recent EIS’s as to whether the Conservation Credit will be used by everyone” which Goicoechea said “we hang our hat on it, litigate on it” and his assumption is “we are going to use it” as “a lot of time, effort, and money was spent to develop that.”


Millie Oram, Senior Centers Program Director, reported “It’s been hectic this last two weeks” but “seems to be calming down” with the Crescent Valley Senior Center Manager expected back from “moving her mom to Missouri.” The Eureka Center served 812 meals in September, an average of 39 a day which Oram said is “down a little bit” as “a few have gone for the winter already” since it’s “getting cold for them already. “ The Crescent Valley Center served 460 meals, an average of 22 per day, “which is doing pretty good there” but is also “down a little bit” which Oram attributed to “a few of their snow birds” leaving and people moving away. The two Centers deposited $7,819.38 for the month of September. Oram said, “So far everything is going good at both Centers.” Oram said they are considering lowering the meal cost as Seniors are “saying it’s too expensive.” Oram will consider it with staff as they “don’t want to lose count on our meals.” Thanks to the transportation grant, they are taking Seniors who used to be able to walk there to the new store every Thursday which is covered by a transportation grant. The Inspector from the Division, Shirley was “really pleased” and “said everybody’s going good” and “everything’s looking really good.”


Road Superintendent, Raymond Hodson, reported the Road Crew finished up the Sadler Road, bladed Union Pass and Grass Valley and had the blade working down Antelope. Hodson said with the “good gully washer a week ago” it “ took a little to get the streets cleaned out,” adding, “We needed some rain.” The Road Crew put up several new signs in Diamond Valley including a few that say ‘road not maintained in winter time’ in part because GPS-guided travellers “go places they shouldn’t be going.” Sand and salt are being mixed in preparation for winter; and the North End crew bladed the Geothermal Plant and Palisade road and got the wind sock up for the EMS landing zone.


Ron Damele, Public Works Director, reported all utility systems are up and running with no issues. Damele reported 612 people visited the Sentinel Museum and about 443 visited the Opera House in September. Public Works is busy winterizing.

The EPA has hydroseeded a portion of the repository and it’s closed for the season. EPA representatives will come before the Commission late in October or early November.

Damele reported successful recruitment for lifeguards at the pool “which,” he said, “will help us out as far as scheduling.


Medical Clinics Advisory Committee Chairperson, Garney Damele, related, “Our doctor is no longer with us as of Aug. 19. She said the committee wasn’t aware he was going to be dismissed until after and have no details.”

Damele said NHC began by doing an internal look for a replacement. “They did have somebody but as of last Thursday that person backed out and they have no one at all” meaning NHC is “running through this quarter without a doctor.”

Goicoechea commented, “They are going to rapidly trigger their $20,000 penalties we gave them on their non-performance.”

Damele said NHC has hired an external company to do their billing so problems patients have been seeing with their billing “should be straightening out.” NHC is also going forward with providing telemedicine.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

Expenditures of $ 2,237,658.61;

The job description Casual Worker I, II, III, IV, & Deputy, along with corresponding salary ranges which is a single casual job description which will replace most casual worker job descriptions, with the exception of certain specialized positions without impacting current pay;

Abolishing the following job descriptions: Swim Pool Attendant, Swim Pool Lifeguard, Water Safety Instructor, Swim Pool Assistant Manager, Senior Center Kitchen Aide, Senior Center Custodian/Housekeeper, Senior Center Senior Program Aide, Public Works Custodian, Crescent Valley Casual Department Assistant, Casual Eureka Activities Coordinator, Department Assistant;

Adopting a resolution memorializing approval and acceptance of the Water Resources Master Plan;

Ratifying Notifications of Grant Award from Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division for the following grants: (a) Nutrition Grant #07-000-07-13-17 for congregate meals in the amount of $17,043.00 with a County match of $1,733.00; and (b) Nutrition Grant #07-000-04-24-17 for home-delivered meals in the amount of $22,659.00 with a County match of $3,255.00;

Adjusting real property tax balances on parcels recently acquired by Eureka County from Nevada Rural Housing Authority, as follows: on APN 001-221-13, write-off remaining tax balance of $15,759.00 (pro- rated amount of $1,669.58 was refunded to NRHA during escrow); on APN 001-221-14, write-off remaining tax balance of $357.00 (pro-rated amount of $38.03 was refunded to NRHA during escrow);

A Hiring Freeze Waiver and authorization to hire a Deputy Sheriff I, II, or III for the North End and a Deputy Sheriff II or III for Eureka due to resignation which does not create additional employees for the Sheriff’s Office;

Adopting the Red Ribbon Week Proclamation for the 28th year, for the week of Oct. 23-31, commemorating a drug-free community;

Selecting the sponsored plans for Calendar Year 2017 for benefited employees and retirees, including: medical, dental, vision, and life insurance;

Setting the base rates, including dependent subsidies, on the selected plans for health insurance premiums for benefitted employees and retirees for Calendar Year 2017;

Signing the contract with Northern Nevada Medical Group for the Flu Shot Clinic to be held Oct. 25 at the Eureka Opera House;

Making appointments, or reappointments, to the following seats on the Medical Clinics Advisory Committee: one Eureka County Employee; one Clinic User; and two Community Members;

Authorizing the Crescent Valley Town Advisory Board to mail a flyer to Crescent Valley and Beowawe area residents notifying of the Free Dump Day on October 14th and the 4th Annual Rabies Clinic on October 22nd, for a not to exceed amount of $175.00 for postage;

Cancelling and rescheduling the Quarterly Meeting in Crescent Valley, October 14th;

Advancing Nancy Collins from alternate member to the seat representing northern Eureka County on the ECEDP Board for the remainder of a one-year term through December 31, 2016;

Submitting comment to the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection on Newmont’s Draft Water Pollution Control Permit for the South Area Leach Project.

Accepting the Committee’s recommendation related to results of the audit and assessment of a non-performance penalty of $10,200 for the 4th Quarter of 2016 with the understanding that $1500 may be a credit;

Results of the 2016 NCJIS/NCIC audit report conducted by the Nevada Department of Public Safety for the Eureka County Sheriff’s Office showing the ECS is in compliance