Dave Maxwell Voters cast their ballot at the Alamo Annex Tuesday. No major issues were reported at election sites around the state. Although Hillary Clinton carried the state, Donald Trump won Eureka County 723 to 74.

Dave Maxwell
Voters cast their ballot at the Alamo Annex Tuesday. No major issues were reported at election sites around the state. Although Hillary Clinton carried the state, Donald Trump won Eureka County 723 to 74.

As 15 of 17 Nevada counties did, Eureka County also voted for Donald Trump in this week’s presidential election.

Trump outdistanced Clinton in the county 723 to 74. However, elsewhere around Nevada Clinton won just Washoe and Clark counties, but that was all she needed to carry the state over Trump by a margin of 537,753 (47.89 percent) to Trump’s 511,319 (45.53 percent).

Nevertheless, Trump’s stunning victory nationwide makes him the first person elected to the presidency with no government or military experience, and he was able to carry all four of the major swing states that had been considered by experts to be key to his victory, or virtually out of reach. Those were Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. His victories in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were viewed as very surprising since the Republican presidential candidate had not won there since the 1980s. In addition, Trump carried Ohio, which no GOP president has ever won the election without winning the Buckeye state.

Overall nationwide, Clinton won 16 states, and Trump 34 states, with New Hampshire, Michigan, Arizona, and Alaska not decided at the time of this writing.

In Nevada, Democrat Catherine Cortez-Masto, former state’s attorney general, won the Senate seat being vacated by Harry Reid. She beat Congressman Joe Heck by 47.07 percent to 44.7 percent,

Democrats took four of the five Congressional races up for grabs in this election. Catherine Cortez-Masto, the former state’s attorney general won over Congressman Joe Heck for the U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Harry Reid, by 47.07 percent to 44.7 percent, Dina Titus easily won reelection over Mary Perry, 61.85 to 28.81 percent, Jackie Rosen topped Danny Tarkanian in the Third Congressional District 47.23 to 45.97 percent, and Ruben Kihuen ousted 4th Congressional District incumbent Cresent Hardy 48.49 percent to 44.55 percent.

Incumbent Mark Amodei was the only Republican to win his House race in District 2, topping H.D. “Chip” Evans 58.35 percent to 36.9 percent.

All four major statewide ballot measures were approved. Question 2, approving recreational marijuana, was adopted 602,400 (54.4 percent) to 503,615 (45.5 percent). Therefore, on January 1, it will be legal for adults 21 and older in Nevada to possess up to an ounce of marijuana or up to one-eighth of an ounce of cannabis concentrate.

Question 1, expanding gun background checks, won by a very thin margin, 50.45 percent to 49.55 percent.

In addition, a pair of constitutional amendments that will both need a second round of voter approval in a later election to become law. Both Questions 3 and 4 passed by nearly 3-to-1 vote margins.

As reported by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Question 3, referred to as the Energy Choice Initiative, would allow for an open energy market in the state and supporters say that would end the energy monopoly held by NV Energy, and Question 4 to require state lawmakers to exempt medical devices from the statewide sales tax. The current statewide sales tax is 6.85 percent.

Unlike other ballot measures, Questions 3 and 4 are constitutional amendments, which means they will require a second passage by voters in the 2018 general election to become law.

Looking how Eureka County voted, the county clerk reported a total turnout of 860 voters (88.46 percent), which includes the early turnout and absentee voters. However, only 164 went to the polls on Tuesday.

Joe Heck beat Cortez-Masto 692 to 88, and Mark Amodei over Evans 699 to 85. Pete Goicoechea retained his state Senate seat over Janine Hansen 679 to 155.

Assemblyman John Ellison (722), Supreme Court Justice, Seat A, Jim Hardesty (562), John Parraguire, Justice Seat E (537), Jerry Tao, Court of Appeals Judge, Dept.1 (527), Michael Gibbons, Appeals Judge, Dept. 2, (559), Abbi Silver, Appeals Judge Dept. 3 (532), all won over the None of These Candidates choice.

For State Board of Education, Eureka voters elected David Carter over Incumbent Pat Hickey in a close race, 367 to 303. County Commissioners J.J. Goicoechea and Mike Sharkozy were both running unopposed.

Eureka County voted No on the ballot Question 1, expanding gun background checks, 771 to 83, No on Question 2, recreational marijuana, 535 to 314, Yes on Question 3, energy choice initiative, 469 to 365, Yes on Question 4, exempt medical device sales tax, 570 to 275.

In addition, Eureka voters approved both advisory questions, combining duties of the County Recorder, 485 to 348, and combining the duties of the elected Public Administrator and appointed Public Guardian, 510 to 320.