With Agenda items in place for the Commissioners to address review of information from Nevada Health Centers in relation to two mid-level providers at the Eureka Medical Clinic and one mid-level provider for the Crescent Valley Clinic for the specified days of operation and an agenda item to consider data to have been provided by NHC so as to take action regarding the following options: “(a) determine that current contract costs are justifiable for an identified period of time to allow for recruitment of personnel required under the current contract for Fiscal Year 2016-2017; and/or (b) give 30-day notice of contract termination and begin the process of negotiating a new contract; and/or (c) negotiate an amendment to the existing contract; and/or (d) other action deemed appropriate by the Board.”

Having received no such information or data from NHC at the time of the Jan. 3 commission meeting, the commission considered moving forward with putting out a Request for Information for clinical services from Garney Damele of the Medical Clinics Advisory Committee which had presented the draft RFO for comment said out of the comments received, the only question she still had was whether to put in the annual concerned amount or say more of a general statement of the county has a substantial subsidy. She questioned whether or not to put NHC in as the current provider. Goicoechea said put it out publicly. The letter will be going out asking for an individual or company that provides primary care. The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services will be contacted for recommendations.


Senior Centers Director, Millie Oram, reported all the seniors had a good Christmas and there were good turnouts for Christmas meals in both Eureka and Crescent Valley. The Eureka center served 745 meals for December, an average of 36 per day; and the Crescent Valley center 423 meals, an average of 20 per day; and together both centers deposited $12,421.50.


Ray Hodson, Road Superintendent, related that the road crew installed a culvert on Roberts Creek Road and spent several days on snow removal. He reported the North end had “challenges” with weather and the road crew hauled more on Frenchie Flat Road with the assistance of Barrick Gold. They started blading roads in Crescent Valley but due to weather that’s “on hold.” Hodson said the Crescent Valley Road crew spent several days on snow removal with Crescent Valley having had quite a bit of snow.

Ron Damele reported that “we’re working on the renewal application” for POOLPAC insurance and asked for the $10,000, $75,000 and $5,000 deductible quotes. Damele is preparing the 2017-18 budget and “it will take us a little while to get that dialed in.” The draft parcel map for the Catholic Cemetery is before the Planning Commission and likely in February will be before the Commissioners. January 11, planning with the county engineer will commence for the 2017 Road Maintenance Project.

public declaration

Regarding making a public declaration related to surplus property or proceeds attained through the Equitable Sharing Agreement between Eureka County and the US Department of Justice for allocation of forfeited cash, property, and proceeds, Sheriff Keith Logan reported to the commission there were “no equitable sharing monies received over the past year;” in fact money was taken away from the Department of Justice to pay other accounts and “it hasn’t been restored to us.” Logan said they have received half the money for protective vests. In reporting and making a public declaration related to surplus property or proceeds attained through other State or federal government programs regulating acquisition of surplus property and/or proceeds, the Sheriff said likewise they do not have any government property assigned to the county. “No, tanks,” Logan said.

Natural Resources

Jake Tibbitts reported that he will attend: on Tuesday, Jan. 10 the Society for Range Management winter meeting; on Jan. 12, Groundwater Management Plan meeting; on Jan. 18, NRAC’s regular January meeting; on Jan. 20, a water meeting in Carson City for stakeholders interested in water legislation by invite only. Despite the conflict with the next commission meeting, Tibbitts will be attending to ensure the County has a presence there. Tibbitts related that a notice was received from the Division of Water Resources that the refiling on the Bobcat Ranch was filed on Nov. 2.

In relation to recent activities and issues related to sage grouse including, but not limited to, federal Land Use Plan Amendments and current litigation, Jake Tibbitts related that Feb. 1, Judge Du, the federal judge has scheduled oral argument in Reno at 9 a.m. with oral argument by the attorneys. Laura Granier has asked the Counties to have a presence. The proceedings will be broadcast live and the recordings can be watched as well. Neither Tibbitts or Chairman Goichoechea can go. Related to Greater Sage Grouse, the County’s comment on McCuinn Mining’s Project means they are looking at participation in the conservation credit program in relation to their stand-alone mitigation plan. While it doesn’t affect the county directly, the sage grouse focal areas, set aside in the northern part of the state is having 383,000 acres being added. There is some thought that President-elect Trump upon taking office “may push the pause button to figure out what’s going on.” All of the focal areas being added are in Nevada. Tibbitts heard that I did hear that some of the areas needed to be added to accept the State of Nevada’s alternative.

In relation to county responses to recent BLM grazing decisions, Tibbitts noted that the Elko BLM did receive the County’s comments on grazing closures and would like to sit down with the county and permittees and talk about possible changes with proposed dates.

In considering a response to the BLM targeted grazing fuels break EA, Tibbitts noted the BLM EA has nothing to do with fuels reduction and sees it set up to be a failure as the BLM is espousing fuel breaks, strips along roads and as they’re calling for leaving three inches of cheatgrass Tibbitts foresees fires so that the BLM can say the program is not successful and take the “option off the table for ranchers. Tibbitts said there are issues with use of roads and use of county roads, watering locations on existing roads, improvements being made on county roads requiring coordination with the county. Tibbitts noted that leaving 3 inches of cheat grass is not a fuel break and reiterated that he sees the BLM targeted grazing fuels break program as being set up to fail so the option can be pulled off the table. Those points will be put into the comments which were approved by the commission to be signed outside of the meeting.

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

Appointment of JJ Goicoechea as County Commission Chair and Mike Sharkozy as Vice Chair;

Expenditures of $1,047,690.03 including a pass-through to the School District of $879,157.66, to the Department of Taxation for $433,050; and Yucca Mountain expenditures of $8,785.46;

Continuing lobbyist/consultant services with Walker & Associates under the existing contract (pursuant to paragraph 6 of the contract) not to exceed $24,000 a year;

Purchasing OnBase Agenda program, an add-on software option with Precision Document Imaging, in the amount of $8,232.00;

Per recommendation from the external auditor, provide direction to staff regarding an increase to the monetary limit for capital assets currently outlined in purchasing policies in the 2014 EUREKA COUNTY CODE, TITLE 3, INTERNAL CONTROL POLICY to $3500 instead of the current $500 which will be proposed at a future meeting;

Accepting Mike Mears’ letter of resignation as Supervisor of the Activities Program Casual Employee;

Designating the Public Works Director as the Activities Program Casual Employee;

Appointing Rich McKay and Bob Stephenson to the Board of Equalization;

Appointing TerriLynn Brown, Fred Etchegaray, and Cher Hayward to the Debt Management Board;

Reappointing Sandy Green, Larry McMaster, Lee Raine, David Pastorino, Nancy Collins and Doran Adams to the Economic Development Program Board;

Appointing Bob Burnham to the Diamond Valley Rodent District Board;

Appointing Cindy Garcia and Darla Baumann to the Fair Board;

Reappointing Nona Kellerman, Jayme Halpin, David Hicks, and Toni Wright to the Health Insurance Advisory Committee;

Reappointing Pete Goicoechea, Keith Logan, Mike Sullivan, Mike Sharkozy, Ron Damele, Jayme Halpin, John Schweble, Earl Overholser, Michael Mears, Cathy Wolf, Shaelene French, Roger Hubbard and Misty Rowley to the Local Emergency Planning Committee Board;

Appointing Mike Rebaleati, Carl Slagowski, and Jim Wise to the Natural Resources Advisory Commission;

Appointing Russell Conley to the Planning Commission;

Reappointing Robin Hicks, Fred Etchegaray and Elmer Porter to the Recreation Board;

Reappointing Fred Etchegaray to the Regional Transportation Commission;

Appointing Roberta Dinwiddie, Tressa Pitmann, Ethel Moss and Karen Bowser to the Senior Center Board;

Reappointing Jake Tibbitts to the American Lands Council;

Reappointing Fred Etchegaray to the Ruby Hill Community Advisory Committee;

Appointing Mike Sharkozy and Jake Tibbitts to the Boulder Valley Monitoring Plan;

Reappointing Fred Etchegaray, Jim Gallagher, Marty Plaskett, JJ Goicoechea and Jake Tibbitts to the Central Nevada Regional Water Authority;

Reappointing Jake Tibbitts to the Diamond Natural Resources Protection & Conservation Association;

Reappointing Keith Logan to the Homeland Security Working Group;

Commissioner Mike Sharkozy to represent the County to the Northern Nevada Regional Development Authority;

Reappointing JJ Goicoechea, Carl Slagowski, Rita Stitzel and Tom Tomera to the Humboldt River Water Basin Authority;

Reappointing Jake Tibbitts and Dale Bugenig to the Mt. Hope 3M Plan Technical Advisory Committee;

Reappointing JJ Goicoechea to the Mt. Hope EM Plan Water Advisory Committee;

Reappointing JJ Goicoechea and Mike Sharkozy to the Nevada Association of Counties;

Reappointing Jake Tibbitts to the Nevada Pinyon-Juniper Partnership;

Reappointing Beverly Conley, Ted Beutel and Ron Damele to the Nevada POOL/PACT Board;

Reappointing Michael Sullivan to the Nevada Project Heartbeat;

Reappointing Mike Sharkozy to Nevada Works;

Reappointing Mike Mears as Eureka County Liaison to Census Issues;

Reappointing Mike sharkozy as liaison to the Crescent Valley Volunteer Fire Department;

Reappointing JJ Goicoechea as liaison to the Eureka Volunteer Fire Department;

Reappointing JJ Goicoechea to the NDF & Other Fire Departments;

Reappointing JJ Goicoehica, Michael Mears, Jake Tibbitts and Keith Logan as Legislative Representatives;

Appointing JJ Goicoechea as Natural Resources liaison;

Appointing Michael Mears as liaison with the Nevada Department of Taxation;

Appointing JJ Goicoechea as liaison related to Water Protest Filings;

Appointing Ted Beutel as Water Rights liaison;

Appointing JJ Goicoechea as the Yucca Mountain liaison;

Public Works Equipment Operator I, II, III, & Senior Public Works Equipment Operator job description and corresponding range on the Eureka County salary scale for each position, as follows: PW Equipment Operator I at Range 116; PW Equipment Operator II at Range 119; PW Equipment Operator III at Range 127; Senior PW Equipment Operator at Range 133;

Authorizing Public Works and the County Engineer to submit a Grant Pre-Application to the Federal Aviation Administration for a Fiscal Year 2017 pavement maintenance project at the Eureka Airport (05U) for a total project amount of $429,001.00 (federal share=$402,188.00 and local share=$26,813.00;

A grant application for an Artist Residency Grant through Nevada Arts Council in the amount of $1,200.00 with no match required, for a stained glass class to be held in Eureka in February;

Accepting engagement letter from Eide Bailly, LLP, outlining services related to Eureka County’s Fiscal Year 2016-2017 annual audit;

Out-of-state travel for Natural Resources Manager to attend the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado, Jan. 30 through Feb. 1 with full expenses for travel, lodging, meals, and per diem to be paid for by the Nevada Association of Conservation Districts as Mr. Tibbitts has been invited to participate in a panel discussing wild horse management.