We won’t say Harry Reid is dumb as a post. We’d need an official IQ test from the post. What we can say, however, is that what goes around comes around for Reid, and in the case of the so-called “Nuclear Option” for Senate appointees, it’s coming around with a vengeance.

Reid changed Senate rules so that presidential confirmations no longer take 60 votes, but only 50+1. That essentially allows the president and the ruling party in the Senate the ability to affirm appointments on a straight partisan vote.

Bullying the process is what Harry Reid wanted, and it is fairly emblematic of his tenure in public office. No one ever accused Harry Reid of being a consensus builder. At the time, Reid had the partisan votes and reasoned that it would make it easier for him, President Obama and future President Hillary Clinton to get through the confirmation process with ease without pesky Republican input.

Only problem is, Hillary didn’t win. Democrats are now a minority in the Senate, the House and most state legislatures.

As a result of Harry Reid’s folly, President-elect Trump may now appoint his entire cabinet without a single Democratic vote. To boot, he can also replace 15 percent of the federal judges.

Whatever input Democrats might have on these appointments will be only from whatever crumbs Republicans let fall from the table.

Even Reid’s replacement, Chuck Schumer, says that it was a mistake for Harry to change the rules. Well, no kidding, Chuck.

What goes around comes around. In this case, the American electorate have snapped back on Harry Reid like an exercise band. Don’t you hate it when that happens?