Raymond Hodson reported the Road Department “for the first part of the month we had some snow removal and then after that it warmed up; and we spent quite a bit of time on culverts and straightening and making sure they were flowing; and we’ve replaced four culverts at the JD Buckhorn ‘Y’” and started blading and “cutting tops of roads and smoothing things up.” Hodson said, “We can’t really get in the ditches yet but we can smooth the top of them up. We have someone pushing in the Roberts Creek pit when time allows” and plan “to continue that gravel haul down the JD Road” and “have the mower over on the Fish Creek Road and are doing some mowing there when time allows.” Hodson said the North End crew spent some time with snow removal in the beginning of the month as well; but then it quickly turned to flood control; they’ve spent quite a bit of time keeping culverts clean and flowing; and they’ve also installed several culverts on the Spa Rd and Cortez Road.” Hodson said, “No roads actually washed completely out in Eureka County; we kept them flowing; we did have some pretty good washes on the shoulders but no roads were actually taken out where they were impassable.” Hodson said, “They did have to replace half a cattle guard on the Dann Road, we’re not sure what happened to it, but something got a hold of it, tore it all up.”

Chairman Goicoechea said, “I’ll give you two choices and they were probably together.”

Hodson said, “When time allows we have someone working in the Cottonwood Pit screening some material there; that is really good material; we ended up hauling that up on the Barth Road last year and that made a big difference for the wintertime this year.”


Public Works Director, Ron Damele, reported Leah Smith was hired to fill the vacant Senior Department Assistant position and that all utility systems and buildings “are working good and it’s a good thing, cuz most of the crew is sitting here today in the audience.” He related that “LN Curtis serviced the Cascade air systems last week” and are not going to service the SCBAs because they are brand new. The annual Red Card refresher training will be the evening of March 21 in Eureka for the Volunteer Fire Department and March 22nd; and the evening of March 22nd they’ll be in Crescent Valley and Pine Valley and Dunphy will be scheduled at a later date. Some people will be attending the full 30 hour class either March 23-25 in Elko or March 28-30 in Spring Creek.


Millie Oram, Senior Centers Director, reported “everything at our centers are doing good” although “both have been pretty slow.” The meal count from Eureka averaged 32 per day over 19 days and the Crescent Valley meal count was 475, an average of 25 per day. Both Centers deposited $12,002.82.


Chairman Goicoechea’s update on the Sagebrush Ecosystem Program was that “all the changes were made to the credit system that I was seeking; this should help greatly in McEwen Mining’s efforts on their debits. We do have one good credit project in the works: it is 3 Bars Ranch, Eureka Livestock, looks very promising and well I’m just gonna throw it out there, we refused to pass a proposal that weighted power line impacts in sage grouse habitat to 8 kilometers on either side of the power line at 75 percent, meaning that there’s a 75 percent reduction in the habitat quality for 8 kilometers on either side of a power line. I said, ‘absolutely not;’ so they’re gonna bring it to us again.” Goicoechea said, “We built a map on some of these areas, and that’s single phase and everything guys; it completely took it out; there’s no more habitat, we can go home; so, but it’s all in the effort of squeezing, so that was denied; but otherwise BLM seems happy” and the “Forest Service is happy with the changes we made.”

Eureka County Commissioners approved:

Acting as the Liquor Board the liquor license of Joseph and Lauren Luby dba as Two Bitch Spirits Ltd;

Expenditures in the amount of $1,668,980.23 that includes Yucca Mountain expenditures of $400 and a pass-through to the School District of $1,218,359.37;

Request from Monty Hudson to authorize use of the Eureka Airport to produce the annual Drag Races scheduled for Memorial Day weekend;

Eureka Business Network to produce the annual Arts in the Park event;

Adopting and signing proposed parcel map submitted by Eureka County to re-subdivide and merge 12.40+/- acres included in APNs 001-144-01, 001-144-02, 001-144-03, 001-144-04, including but not limited to the access/approaches and any other issues related to this re-subdivision and merger (This map was approved by the Planning Commission during their January 18th meeting);

A two-year contract between Eureka County and the State of Nevada, acting by and through its Department of Conservation & Natural Resources, Nevada Division of Forestry, for the Wildland Fire Protection Program, in the amount of $150,000.00 per year, for a grand total of $300,000.00 for the contract term of July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2019;

A fuel supply agreement with AVFUEL Corporation for the purchase, sale, and management of the Jet A fuel and AV Gas 100LL fueling system at the Eureka Airport;

A design, construction assistance, materials testing, and inspection proposal from Lumos & Associates for the 2017 Street Maintenance Project in an amount not to exceed $78,000.00, with an option for weekly inspection services for an additional $11,500.00 per week;

Waiving the hiring freeze and authorizing hiring of a Deputy Sheriff I, II, III, Sergeant, or Undersheriff. due to resignation;

Adopting and signing the proposed parcel map submitted by Eureka County to re-subdivide and merge 12.4+/- acres included in APN 001-144-01, 02, 03, & 04;

July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, all active employee benefits, that their portion of their premiums will not increase out of their pocket; any increase will be offset by EuCo; active employees for that one FY;

Freezing merit increases and making no cost-of-living adjustment to employees for FY 2017-18;

Based upon financial hardship to the county, opting out of NRS 245.043, elected officials pay raise, for Fiscal Year 2017-18;

Allow the Sheriff to purchase the vehicles he needs and enhance 911 NTE at a cost of $274,524.06 this Fiscal Year;

Appointing Irma Davila to the Medical Clinics Advisory Committee, representing County employees, for the remainder of a two-year term through June 30, 2018;

Accepting the resignation of Maureen Torres from the Medical Clinics Advisory Committee;

Accepting the proposal from Kelly C. Brown, PLLC, to renew the two-year public defender contract for indigent defense services for Fiscal Years 2017-2018 and 2018-2019, in the amount of $40,000.00 per year, and authorize the Chairman to sign the contract outside of the meeting.