The Jackson House Hotel in Eureka was built in 1877. It has been the site of recent Paranormal Investigations activity, along with a few other notable sites in town.

“When there’s something strange in the neighborhood, who you gonna call?”

The opening line in the theme song from the 1984 hit movie Ghostbusters.

In Eureka, you would call Adam Bogart with Paranormal Investigation in Reno.

The group held a conference in town last weekend and Bogart said about 35-40 people showed up, “a good turnout of local people and some from out of state, too. They came from all over. Eureka and the older Nevada areas have kind of been getting passed up, and we were glad to be able to shine a light on the beauty and the history of the area.”

The Meet and Greet was held June 22 and then the equipment was set up to record and document whatever paranormal activity could be found Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in four Eureka locations: the Jackson House, Eureka Café, The Owl Club and the old garage.

“We have investigated all of those before,” Bogart said, “and they had great activity, which means we have received Electronic Voice Phenomenon, basically voices that should not be there that we assume are spirits that just haven’t left.” With the more sensitive recording equipment Bogart used this time he said, “On quite a number of occasions we are able to even understand what the spirits are saying. We also did record some visual apparitions. We had cameras running 24/7.” All the many hours of data collected is now being analyzed back at the Paranormal Investigations office in Reno.

Friday night were the conference speakers at the Opera House which Bogart said included County Commissioner J.J. Goicoechia, and a few other well-known speakers in the field.

Bogart said he comes to Eureka because of a love for the town and the area, “and it was nice to be able to show the local people, to see and better understand what we are actually about. Most of what we find is not scary, not dark, not demons, etc.”

The conference raised about $1,100 which is being donated to an account for use on improvements, maintenance and upkeep of the Eureka Cemetery and hopefully other cemeteries in the county. “They having been making a tremendous efforts to get those cleaned up,” Bogart said.