An unsettling rumor circulating around Eureka County, and even White Pine County, a few weeks ago has been put to rest by Eureka County School District Superintendent Dan Wold.

In a telephone interview this week, Wold said information that had been going around was in fact “from two separate stories.”

One referred to the school board “considering random testing of athletes which has been done in eight of the 18 other school districts (statewide) and which had been proposed by a couple of parents and community members.”

Since then, he said the board has directed him, “to appoint a committee to study how other schools are doing it and if it would be right for us.”

He added, this study “is not in response to any change or reports of use, rather to just consider doing what some other districts are doing.”

Wold reported the other issue was “a false report regarding a former student and some of his postings on social media that prompted a very small number of parents to come take their kids out of school.”

However, upon investigation by three law enforcement agencies, two attorneys and Eureka district attorney Ted Bentel, Wold said, “All three determined it was a false report, no threats had been made by the person in question and that our kids were not in danger.”

Upon hearing that, he noted, “some of the students were back by lunchtime and the rest returned the next day.”

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