Beginnings are very exciting. Unless of course it is the beginning of the end. But I have skipped to the end. Let’s start at the beginning shall we? Again, beginnings are very exciting. The beginning of life whenever you believe that is might just be the most exciting beginning of all beginnings.

Of course the beginning of school is not nearly as exciting as the beginning of summer. I for one would choose summer every time. How about the beginning of a meal, with Grace said let the gobble fest begin. Beginnings of letters from someone, even someone you haven’t met are very exciting. If you take the time to write a letter to someone, trust me here, the one someone you write to will be very excited to begin reading your letter. I always am. Reading and re-reading letters can be a great beginning to a day. But you have to send ‘em to get ‘em.

Beginnings of projects. Beginning a new job and then beginning retirement, both very new, exciting and full of adventure. The exciting unknown. Beginning to plan vacations are some of the best beginnings in my opinion. Where and when but hopefully not to worry about the how much—I mean come on it’s a vacation! All bets are off at the beginning stages of vacation planning.

Oh how about the beginning of a garden. I have this little cross stitch thingy that I made years ago hanging on the wall in a funky frame that reads, “Who plants a seed beneath the sod and waits to see believes in God.” The beginning of a garden starts a trust relationship that grows daily. Of course it also is the beginning of watering, weeding, dead bug clean-up, et al. I mean it’s a garden after all. That is why I don’t do a garden, I do perennial flowers. They come up year after year and all I have to do is wait and enjoy the show. All while I enjoy a cool summer salad made with veggies that I buy at the grocery store! Crunchy.

You might think that beginning a diet isn’t such a good beginning. But look at it this way, it is the beginning of a new you. I have heard people say, “Eat to live don’t live to eat.” That’s probably good advice, but—yes another but. But it is usually said by someone that is “regular” sized not super-sized. And they probably have never eaten their way through a big ole pan of tacos at my house, known by my family as Trina Tacos. Now there’s a meal to live to eat!

There are tough beginnings. Like opening a new roll of plastic wrap. Digging at the end with your fingernail to begin using that clinging, often infuriating stuff can sometimes bring about the beginnings of some tight lipped wording. Of course a new roll of several items can cause the same stir—tape, toilet paper, paper towels. Same applies to old rolls. You’re remembering that roll of tape that was old and in the back of the drawer and you really needed a piece of tape and that roll just wouldn’t give up an inch without tearing into strips along its edge as you picked and dug at the ends aren’t you? We have all begun that fight at one time or another. So don’t even begin to think you are alone! Ah another beginning, funny how that worked out huh?

Beginnings of relationships and friendships can be tricky, but that should not ever stop you from beginning one. I have said it over and over and over again, “Life is too short to be by yourself,” and I do believe that. So even if there is a risk of an end, don’t let that stop a beginning. After all everything ends, even a bowl of ice cream comes to an end. But if you are really lucky you will always have someone close to refill your bowl. So fill ‘er up when life knocks. Now, let’s begin.

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