Eureka, You’ve Found It! This is the motto of the new website ( created to promote Eureka and increase visitor traffic to our area. The website provides a list of hotels, restaurants and saloons, and features the Opera House and Sentinel Museum, as well as special events and a community calendar.

The events calendar promotes the large community events that we hope will draw visitors to our area, such as shows at the Opera House, July 4th Celebration, car show, county fair and the VFW Softball Tournament.

We also have developed a community calendar that will list the smaller events going on in Eureka, such as youth events, public swimming lessons, school functions (sports, award ceremonies, graduation, etc.), local hunting and sports events, (softball, baseball, soccer, Coyote Hunt, etc.), Perdiz shoots, Bingo, Hunters Education and other classes.

The public is invited and encouraged to use the community calendar as a collaboration tool to maximize participation in their events. A central location for all events will help end the decades long question of “what else is going on in Eureka” before planning an event.

If you have an event you would like placed on the special events or community calendars, please contact Patti Peek (, Ree Taylor (, Leah Smith ( or Joyce Jeppesen (