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Organizers speak to Eureka Elementary students during a fishing day at the Cold Creek reservoir.

The Nevada Department of Wildlife and Kinross Bald Mountain Mine collaborated on a fishing adventure earlier this month for the Eureka Elementary fourth, fifth and sixth grade students.

Cold Creek reservoir is privately owned by Kinross Bald Mountain Mine.  Joe Doucette, a Conservation Educator with the Nevada Department of Wildlife explained that Alissa Woods, with Kinross reached out to the Department of Wildlife proposing this event.

How were these students selected for this event? The selected grades had participated in a program called Trout in the Classroom (TIC).  TIC was started in Nevada by Ron and Ann Privrasky through the Truckee River Fly Fishers. This group of dedicated anglers, raised funds and worked with teachers and Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) biologists to place tanks in 30 schools across Northern Nevada. NDOW officially took over responsibility for the TIC program in January, 2001.

Trout in the Classroom (TIC) is an educational program tied to the curriculum for elementary grades to teach students about the science, art, recreation and other values of fish and aquatic life.

NDOW provides an aquarium-chiller combination type tank. Schools apply to participate in the program.  Training is provided to the teachers, and volunteers who are called “tank buddies” assist as well.  Once trained, teachers help students set up and operate the tank. Once the eggs arrive from the hatchery, eggs are placed in the tank, and for the next six weeks, or so, students make observations, journal events, and care for them until the eggs hatch and fry are released.  The students were able to release the eggs they watched develop into fry into the Cold Creek Reservoir. Eggs and trout in the TIC project are not for stocking or restoration, it is strictly for educational purposes.

Alissa Wood, Corporate social responsibility specialist with Kinross Bald Mountain stated that Kinross was very excited to partner with the Nevada Department of Wildlife to host a kids’ fishing day event for Eureka elementary students. “It was rewarding to be a part of this unique opportunity for students to learn first-hand about the local environment and fish habitats. The event was both educational and fun, as students spent the first hour at interactive learning stations, followed by two hours of fishing at Cold Creek reservoir. Students, teachers and both Bald Mountain and NDOW volunteers enjoyed their time at the reservoir and are excited to participate in this event again

Approximately 45 students were given the opportunity to fish, many of them catching a fish, some even catching multiple fish.

Kinross provided lunch, an education booth and several volunteers.  Doucette said “we want to thank Kinross for giving public access to Cold Creek Reservoir.  We look forward to doing this again”.