Dear Editor,

Nevadans will elect a new Governor this November, and the stakes could not be higher. To ensure a bright and prosperous future for rural Nevada, it’s crucial that we elect a Governor who truly understands what it will take to guarantee and protect our access to our most precious resource: water.

Water is the lifeblood of Nevada’s economy, and we hope you’ll help us fight for it in this next election. As members of the Nevada Legislature who, together, represent all or parts of all 17 counties of this great state, we have an acute appreciation for the impact that state water policy can have in shaping the lives, challenges, and opportunities of those who call Nevada home.

It’s crystal clear that Adam Laxalt has the right vision and priorities for Nevada, especially when it comes to water policy. The same cannot be said of Adam’s opponent in the race for Governor, Clark County Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak. In fact, Sisolak can’t seem to even decide what his position on water policy is — seeming to changing his message depending on who’s listening. In a recent interview with a left-wing website, Sisolak claimed to oppose a pipeline that would carry water from rural Nevada to Las Vegas — which has many Nevadans concerned that this would deplete their water supply while pitting different parts of the state against each other. But just a year ago, in his role as a Clark County Commissioner, Sisolak voted in favor of the pipeline. Then, just recently, he voted to appeal a recent decision that put a hold on the pipeline — mere days after voicing his opposition to the pipeline in the press.

How can Nevadans trust Steve Sisolak to stand with them, when he can’t even seem to stand by his own words and actions?

Adam Laxalt, on the other hand, is someone we can depend on. As Nevada’s Attorney General, Adam has boldly and consistently defended the interests of rural Nevada, particularly in the face of aggressive and intrusive actions by federal agencies. Under his office’s Federalism Unit — which Adam created to protect the interests of our state and its citizens — he has challenged the federal government in multiple instances of overreach, including the EPA’s onerous Waters of the United States Rule, and the BLM’s misguided Sage Grouse Plan. And during his campaign for Governor, he has repeatedly visited our communities, listened to local residents about their concerns, and articulated a balanced, responsible approach to water policy that will protect the long-term interests of all Nevadans.

As though the stakes weren’t already clear enough, Nevadans should consider this: The current Nevada state water engineer is resigning effective at the end of this year. That means the next Governor will appoint a successor, who will make critical decisions affecting our water rights for years to come. Can we trust that Sisolak, a longtime Southern Nevada Water Authority board member and Clark County Commissioner, will look out for us? After he’s been advancing SNWA’s agenda against rural Nevada for the past decade and is now trying to — forgive the expression — muddy the waters on his own record? The question answers itself.

Rural Nevadans are looking for principled leadership, not political posturing. Adam Laxalt can be trusted to protect Nevada — to protect our water, our communities, and our future. He’s done it as Attorney General, and he’ll do the same as our next Governor.

James Settelmeyer, Senate District 17

Don Gustavson, Senate District 14

Pete Goicoechea, Senate District 19