I’m not the best shopper. I only use coupons when a store I go to sends me a handful. With all good intentions I put the ones I want to use in my purse and the next time I see them either I’ve just left the store without remembering to use them or when I do remember they have expired. Oh don’t get me started on the expiration date being so tiny and so lightly printed that… Well just don’t get me started.

The fact that I don’t use coupons and that I’m not a very good shopper doesn’t mean I don’t get my money’s worth when I do buy certain things. Like clothes. Let’s talk about clothes today. I know not everyone is into clothes. I’m one of those. I wear the same things I have worn for the past bazillion days. My Wranglers and a t-shirt. Not that I don’t like clothes. Clothes just have never been a big part of who I am or where I see myself going. I was asked once if I even own a dress. Well at that time yes, yes I did own a dress. My wedding dress! HAHA My life revolves around outside work and play. Not a big call for dresses and heels. So I have my jeans and all that goes with them.

Now that winter is coming to a close I have found a need for—well ashamed to say—I need a pair of pants that will fall in line with me not exercising along with having too much time on my hands and too much popcorn that did not stay in the cupboard like it was supposed to thank you very much! Yes this winter body has expanded just a touch and pants that were comfy in the fall have need to be replaced—but just until summer mind you! But! Yes a big ole winter “but”. HAHA But I don’t feel the desire to actually go out and buy pants. I draw the line at spending money on pants that I only need for a couple of months—while I find my way back to my summery svelteness. (A girl can dream can’t she?) So I go shopping for my post winter pants—in my garage!

My garage is my very own time capsule. It’s not just a place to store-n-go like some deep dark basement or hotter than Death Valley attic. My garage has a distinct style and flow. There are tools and garden things and if everyone sucks in their breath the truck should fit. I have the good fortune to have shelves and on those shelves are see through plastic totes all lined up on the shelves so I can see all things of eras gone by. That is why I know that there are at least 15 pair of Wranglers of varies sizes and wear ability to choose from to get me through say mid-May. So out I went right after I finished my self-concocted cup of double vanilla caramel laced coffee—could that be a clue as to why I need to go shopping in my garage?

Oh I found plenty to choose from down this memory lane. Found the pair I wore the first time I learned that you don’t get a second chance after you slosh battery acid on your pants! Aka my Holy pants. Grabbed a pair that were like new because the pockets were built funny and you can’t even stuff a pair of leather gloves in the back pockets—don’t know how those got past Inspector #23! Yes it was only 34 degrees but I found a little heater and plugged it in and continued. I think we all do this “shopping” occasionally. Reminds you of where you came from and all that you, hopefully, have accomplished. I have done this walk many times before so I know what is out there. There is this one batch of clothes from the 70’s that I get such a kick out of looking at. How could I have ever worn pants with those huge bell bottoms? And there is a crocheted sweater vest that is this bright yellow that I can’t quite remember where it came from. Wink, wink.

Over the years we have given clothes to charity and used t-shirts galore for rags and the like. But there are things that I will not part with. The first blue chambray shirt my mother sewed lace onto, by hand—she so wanted me to be a girl, not a tomboy! It was a compromise that we both took as a surrender. Like I surrendered to my “new” pants—but come May back out they go!

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Find her on Facebook or share with her at itybytrina@yahoo.com. Really!