By Miranda Lamb

Courtesy photo
Lt. Governor Kate Marshall visits with Kelly Garni, owner of Ghost Town Art and Coffee, on June 14 in Pioche.

Nevada Lieutenant Governor Kate Marshall paid a special visit to Pioche June 14.

Marshall has been visiting key tourist spots in Nevada. Pioche was the last place on her itinerary.

“As lieutenant governor, I am in charge of tourism, which is really rural tourism, so part of what I do is going out to see what’s available to attract tourists and bring tourists and try to bring awareness and highlight those areas,” Marshall said. “For example, this morning we’re going to the art and coffee place here in Pioche. We stayed at the Overland Hotel.”

Marshall and her team were in Barclay the day before visiting a new restaurant there. They also visited Pahrump, Beatty, Tonopah, Ely and Baker.

She mentioned the legislature just created an Outdoor Recreation Agency that is really focused on the assets in rural Nevada.

“Many people come to Nevada and they go to Lake Tahoe or to Las Vegas, but they don’t realize some of our best assets are out here where you can go hiking or fishing or hunting or mountain biking or off-roading,” Marshall said.

She explained that the lieutenant governor is focused on economic development and growth, and while the governor may focus on larger projects, she focuses on small businesses, which are often found in rural areas.

“I want people to have my contact information and if they have issues, I’m here. I think a lot of times people in Carson City don’t visit the rural area and if you don’t show up then they’ll be like, well, where were you? I believe in showing up. Our visit has been great. I happen to really enjoy this side of Nevada, so I have been here numerous times.”

Marshall had to cut her trip short due to some state business in Las Vegas; otherwise, she would’ve made it to Panaca and Caliente as well. But she made it clear that she thinks very highly of this side of Nevada.

“To me, the eastern side on that border by Utah is stunningly beautiful. As I was bringing my staff here they kept saying, ‘It’s so green, it’s so lovely.’ and I just told them it gets better. It’s its own community and it brings its own beauty and enchantment.”

Marshall is also the head of the Census Count Committee, which brings awareness to the importance of the count in Nevada. She encouraged residents to take part in the census to ensure Nevada receives its fair share of funding.

“The census basically decides where our federal tax dollars go,” she said. “For every person we count, it is $20,000 to Nevada. Twenty thousand per person for education, for health and human services, for roads. In my mind, the census is really about bringing our federal tax dollars back here.” Marshall offered an invitation. “I would encourage you, in this tricity area, to form a count committee.There’s been a lot of politics surrounding the census, but it’s really about are you going to bring your federal tax dollars back here, instead of letting some other state spend it.”

Marshall believes that the lieutenant governor’s office should be focused on small businesses and is planning on being very active in her position.

She said, “I think the lieutenant governor needs to be out and a presence. That way people will know that they can call me. I have a very small staff, so we are very, very reachable.”