By KayLynn Roberts-McMurray

The Coyotes Motorcycle Club will return this weekend for its 25th year of racing. And in honor of the race, this years race has been titled the Steve Rowley Memorial Hare and Hound Race. The race will be held Saturday, June 1.

A Hare and Hound is a desert race where riders challenge themselves by competing over a natural terrain course, while passing through a series of checkpoints.

The race is similar to an enduro course, with a mass start.

Several classes for pros and amateurs are available, testing riders skills, and endurance.

Melony O’Flaherty, secretary for the Coyote MC, noted there are approximately 160 riders competing this week between all the racing classes.

With all the moisture White Pine has been receiving dust shouldn’t be an issue, but it may be a wet, muddy ride.

Rowley created the club 25 years ago. Rowley had a passion for racing in the dirt, as fast as he could, as far as he could. The club is currently comprised of 25 members making it a large task to put on such a huge race each year.

Racers from all around Nevada and Utah come out to this annual event.

O’Flaherty said, “We have received an amazing amount of community support for this event from volunteers to donations.”